Entry Exercise

 In most films, whom do you find more interesting, the
hero or the villain? Why?
 List all the great villains that you can remember. What
made them so memorable?
 Write down 2 things which you had questions about in
the story. These should be specific and be from
chapters 1 and 2.
 For example, your question could be:
 Why did Odysseus begin weeping uncontrollably in
front of King Alcinous? (NOTE: This is not from
chapters 1 and 2)
An epic is the story of a hero, a figure of great
power and importance
The hero has many adventures in war or a long
journey, and these stories make up the action of
the epic
The epic often begins in the middle of the story
4. Its setting covers a large area of land (and
sometimes sea).
5. Gods or other supernatural beings get involved in
the hero’s life, sometimes helping him, sometimes
creating difficulties.
 Purple books – pg 740 – 746
 Only read the following excerpts:
 Epics and Values
 The Ancient World and Ours
 Who Was Homer?
 How Were Epics Told?
 http://youtu.be/4iLNmt6dOvU
 Read the xenia worksheet & page 771
 As we go through the story, you will determine which
situations show that xenia is valued in the community,
and which characters fully reject the notion of xenia
 Use the format given to organize your details regarding
television viewing
 You will be given an article – read that article, then
exchange with another person if you have time
 Look for three points to support your position
 Look over The Odyssey test
 Once you have passed it back to me, you may take