Grade 10 - Citadel High School

Citadel High School
Class of
Course Selection
Courage, Honour, Strength
Citadel High School
Your Counsellors:
 Mr. R. Armstrong
G – M plus Mac  Ms. S. Creaser
N – Z plus Mc  Mr. T. Brumwell
Courage, Honour, Strength
Our Mission
To inform
To challenge
To welcome
The Class of
Courage, Honour, Strength
aka Guidance
Career & Academic Counselling
Confidential Personal Counselling
Connections to school & community
Virtual Guidance Office (the VGO)
Why is Course Selection important?
 transition – Junior – Senior
 career/life planning
 post - secondary admissions
University, Community, College, Private
Colleges, Apprenticeship, work
Before you start …
• Review the Course Selection materials
• Understand how high school works
Be aware of:
•Programs– English, French Immersion,
Options and Opportunities (O2), International
Baccalaureate (IB)
• Course Types ( levels ) – Advanced,
Academic, Open, and Graduation
• Graduation Requirements
• What Happens Next
• Choosing Your Courses
How High School Works
1st semester Sept. to Jan. – write exams
2nd semester Feb. to June – write exams
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12
8 courses (credits) (4 per semester)
7 courses – one study period
6 courses – two study periods
21 courses (credits) in 3 years
Day by day - Classes
4 courses every day (75 min.)
2 in the morning
2 in the afternoon
Daily Timetable
(9:00 10:15)
Course 3
Course 2
Course 4
Course 3
Course 1
Course 4
Course 2
Course 1
(10:20 11:35)
11:40 12:30
(12:40 1:50)
(1:55 3:10)
The most important factor in determining
student success.
10 minutes per grade per day
Grade 10 - 100 minutes
Grade 11 – 110 minutes
Grade 12 – 120 minutes
The following programs are offered at Citadel
English Program
French Immersion
Options and Opportunities – O2
International Baccalaureate Diploma - IB
(English and French Immersion)
International Baccalaureate
• The IB Diploma Program is an internationally
recognized course of study that develops graduates
who are literate, articulate, confident young adults with
an understanding of global issues and other cultures.
The IB Diploma Program has an emphasis on citizenry
and co-curricular activities.
• IB Diploma graduates receive excellent recognition
from universities in Canada, the USA and abroad.
• Students wishing to complete the IB Diploma
Program should take the preparatory courses offered
International Baccalaureate
The IB program develops students who are:
• inquirers, thinkers, and communicators (in written
and spoken word)
• open-minded, caring, and reflective.
• willing to take on challenges and act with integrity
and honesty. They should be risk takers.
• motivated learners who interact readily and
effectively with others.
• committed and organized.
O2 - Options and Opportunities
O2 is a program designed to help students work toward a
career or occupation in learning contexts, which provides
linkages to the workplace.
Community Based Learning is a major component of O2,
allowing students to explore a variety of careers. O2 field
trips completed this year include:
•Esso refinery
•Forklift driver training
O2 - Options and Opportunities
O2 is appropriate for students who:
• Wish to explore or develop skills in a community
setting to prepare for a career or further study
• Are interested in a career in Trades, IT, Health and
Human Services, Business, Natural Resources, or
other programs available at Community College
(NSCC) or university.
• Who prefer hands-on learning opportunities
• Who prefer smaller class sizes
French Immersion
Students must complete at least 9 French Immersion
credits in order to receive a French Immersion certificate
Students in the French Immersion program must complete
the following courses:
Francais 10 – Grade 10
Francais 11 – Grade 11
Francais 12 – Grade 12
Compulsory Credits for
French Immersion Students
In addition to Francais 10, 5 French Immersion credits
are available to students in their Grade 10 year.
Students should take a minimum of 3 the following:
Sciences 10
Histoire 10
Arts Dramatiques 10
Mode de Vie Actif 11
Course/Credit Types
Courses are identified using the following:
Subject Name – English, Math, History, etc.
Grade Level – 10, 11, or 12
Credit Type
• Advanced: Demonstrated exceptional
achievement or academic ability
• Academic: Demonstrated good achievement or
academic ability
• Open
• Graduation
Credit Value
• 1.0 – Full Credit
Graduation Requirements
18 credits are required to graduate from a
Nova Scotia High School
• 13 are compulsory credits
• 5 are elective credits
Maximum 7 grade 10-coded credits
Minimum 5 grade 12-coded credits
13 Compulsory Credits
• 3 English
• 2 Math
• 2 Science
• 2 Other from Technology, Math or Science
• 1 Fine Arts
(Art, Drama, Music, Dance)
• 1 Physical Education
(PAL, Dance, Yoga, or Phys Ed)
• 1 Canadian History
(CDH11, ACS11, GALS11, or MKS10)
• 1 Global Studies
(GEO12 or HIS12)
Compulsory Credits
English - 3 credits required, one from each grade
level. All grade 10 students must take a grade 10
English course.
Mathematics - 2 required credits from different
grade levels. All grade 10 students must take a
grade 10 math course.
Compulsory Credits
Science - 2 required: a “first science credit” plus any
other science course. All grade 10 students should
take Science 10 - it is a “first science credit”.
Other - 2 required credits from either: Technology,
Science (above the 2 required science credits), Math (above
the 2 required math credits) or any combination of the 3
Math, Science, or Technology.
Compulsory Credits
Fine Arts - 1 required credit from either: Art, Music,
Drama, or Dance. All grade 10 students should take a
fine arts credit.
Physical Education -1 required credit from
PAL11, Dance 11, Yoga 11, Phys Ed 10, 11, 12, or
Phys Ed Leadership 12, Grade 10 students should
choose from Phys Ed 10, PAL 11 , Yoga 11 or Dance
11 to complete this requirement.
Compulsory Credits
Canadian History - 1 required credit from either:Mi’kmaq
Studies 10, Canadian History 11 Histoire du Canadien 11F, African
Canadian Studies 11, or Gaelic Studies 11. Any Grade 10 student
interested in completing the Canadian History requirement should
choose Mi’kmaq Studies 10 or Gaelic Studies 11. Most students
wanting to complete their French Immersion certificate will usually
select Histoire du Canadien 11F in grade 11
Global Studies - 1 required credit from either: Global History
12, Global Geography 12, or Geographie Planetaire 12. The Global
Studies credit is completed in the student’s Grade 12 year.
Academic Support
Citadel High offers a number of supports for students
experiencing academic difficulties:
Resource (non-credit): For students who require
adaptations to meet course outcomes
Learning Center (non-credit): For students who
require a program plan with individualized outcomes
Student Support Room: For students who may seek
extra-help in any subject area
Academic Planning
Due to the diverse entrance requirements of postsecondary institutions, students should develop an
academic plan that is both realistic and attainable.
Students can explore career and post-secondary
options by:
• Talking with parents and guardians
• Visiting their guidance counsellor
• Accessing the Virtual Guidance Office (VGO)
• Exploring Internet and print resources
Choosing Courses
It is important to pick the right courses for you. You cannot
expect to change courses once you get your timetable in
the fall.
Try to pick courses because:
You are interested in the topic
You need the course to graduate
You need the course to complete the French Immersion
You need the course to do the things you think you want to
do after high school
You have the ability to do the course
What Happens Next…
Students should review their course builder and
course selection sheet with their Parents/Guardians.
It is important to make decisions that will allow you
to experience success. The full course selection
book can be found on the Citadel High home page
in the drop-down menu
or on the Virtual Guidance Office Website at
Junior High Counsellors will assist each student in
completing their formal course selection sheet which
will then be sent home for parental approval and
What Happens next…(Next)
Grade 9 Math and English teachers will make
recommendations for you regarding proper placement
for next year. These recommendations will appear on
the back of the course selection sheet. If your wish to
pursue alternative course selections, please have your
parent/guardian sign in the indicated space.
Submit all forms to you Counsellor at your school
You will receive your timetable on your first day at
Citadel High.
Using your Course Builder
Let’s begin….
Step #1: You must pick 1 English
English 10 (1 credit)
English 10 Plus (2 credits) – need a little bit of extra
Step #2: You must pick 1 Math
Math 10
Math Foundations 10 – You find grade 9 math
challenging and you probably won’t be entering
a career after high school that uses math
Math Essentials 10 – you may not meet the
outcomes of your grade 9 math course
You need to take Math10 if you want to go into
advanced math courses in grades 11 and 12.
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12
For students who may not have met the grade 9 mathematics outcomes and plan to pursue a
post secondary program that does not have a mathematics pre-requisite:
Mathematics Essentials 10
Mathematics Essentials 11
For students who have met the grade 9 mathematics outcomes and plan to pursue a post
secondary program that does not have a mathematics pre-requisite:
Mathematics Foundations 10
Mathematics Foundations 11
Mathematics Foundations 12
Math for the Workplace 12
For students who have met the grade 9 mathematics outcomes and plan to pursue a post
secondary program that has a mathematics pre-requisite of Academic Mathematics 12:
(Example: Business* and Nursing)
Mathematics 10 Academic
Mathematics 11 Academic
Mathematics 12 Academic
For students who have met the grade 9 mathematics outcomes and plan to take a post
secondary program that has a mathematics pre-requisite of Pre-Calculus 12:
( Example:
Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Business*)
Mathematics 10 Academic
Advanced Mathematics 11 and
Advanced Mathematics 12
Pre-Calculus Mathematics 12
Calculus 12 (Optional)
Step #3: You must pick 1 Science
Science 10
Sciences 10F
Step #4: You must pick 1 Arts Education
Art 10 – learn to draw and paint, sculpt
Music 10 – currently play in school band or are
taking music classes
Drama 10 – don’t mind getting up in front of the
Arts Dramatiques 10F- don’t mind getting up in
front of the class and speaking in French
Dance 11 – you like to dance
Step #5: You must pick a Physical Education Course
Phys Ed 10
Physically Active Lifestyles 11 (PAL11)
Mode de Vie Actif 11F (MVA11F)
Dance 11
Yoga 11
Step #6: You must pick 3 elective courses so that your
total course load is 8 full credits, remembering that •English 10 Plus equals 2 credits
•Make sure one course of the 8 is coded as a
grade 11 course
•You can take an additional Arts Education course
or Phys Ed course as an elective
•Francais 10F is a required course for Immersion
You have just finished making tentative course
selections for next year at Citadel High.
Please take this sheet home, along with the Course
Selection Book, and discuss your course selections
with your parents/guardians.
Your Guidance Counsellor will fill out your formal
courses selection sheets with you in the near future.