What was required of the former Confederate states for readmission

What was required of the former
Confederate states for readmission to the
State legislatures had to ratify the 13th, 14th,
and 15th Amendment
What was the result of the Morrill Act of
Many states built their first public colleges
What is the historical significance of the
Mississippi legislature choosing Hiram
Rhodes Revels to serve as one of the
state’s U. S. senators in 1870?
He was the first African American man
seated in the Senate
What is one political impact of the
Reconstruction Era on the United States?
Three new amendments were approved
and added to the Constitution
What did he Freedman’s Bureau greatly
Expanding education levels of newly-freed
enslaved people
How did many southern state governments
respond to the efforts of Reconstruction to
recognize new freedoms for African
Several state governments passed laws to
limit the opportunities of African Americans
called black codes
How did efforts of the Radical Republican
Congress during Reconstruction have a
lasting political impact on southern states?
The Democratic Party would dominate the
politics of southern states for a century
following the Civil War.
What was the result of the Homestead Act
of 1862?
Settlement of the western territories
What document freed all slaves in the
southern states of the Confederacy?
Emancipation Proclamation (This was read
on June 19th, 1865…Juneteenth)
Who was part of Company c, 54th
Massachusetts Colored Infantry, planted
his troops flag under heavy fire, was twice
severely wounded , and received the
Medal of Honor
What act allowed California to join the
union as a free state, slave trade allowed
but slavery banned in D. C., Texas’ debt
paid in exchange for the adjustment of
Texas’ boundary
William Carney
Compromise of 1850
How do Confederate President Davis and
Union President Lincoln’s views differ?
Lincoln believed in individual liberties while
Davis believed in property rights
How did Frederick Douglass contribute to
the success of the Union during the Civil
He persuaded the Union to permit African
Americans to fight in the army
How did the decision in the Dred Scott
case affect the lives of enslaved people?
It confirmed the belief the in the South that
enslaved people were property and cannot
bring a case to federal court
How was the geography for the
Confederate capital of Virginia during the
Civil War considered an advantage?
The capital was well protected by rivers
Why did President Jackson not consider
nullification a right of state governments?
A state government declaring a federal law
unconstitutional would lead that state to
void any law it considered harmful, without
any process for appealing the state
What geographic factor was common in the
North but was lacking in the South during
the Civil War?
What are some abolitionist events?
Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglass,
speaks against slavery, Congress bans
slave importance, Underground Railroad,
13th, 14th, 15th amendment passed
Declaration of Sentiments and Elizabeth
Cady Stanton was part of which
reformation group?
Woman Suffrage
Where did the American Woman’s Suffrage
movement gather?
Seneca Falls, New York
What was the first event or step in the
abolitionist movement?
States north of Pennsylvania outlawed the
practice of enslaving people…Mason Dixon
How did the 19th century reformers improve Build new hospitals for the mentally ill, deaf
the care for disabled people?
and blind
How did the Hudson River School create a
distinctly American style of painting?
Artists painted landscapes to show man’s
connection with nature
What was a frequent subject of American
art and transcendental literature in the 19th
century America?
How did Frederick Douglass contribute to
the abolitionist movement?
He informed others about his early life in
What event would include revivals, religion,
praying, and ministers?
Second Great Awakening
What invention had a major impact on the
Who wrote Leaves of Grass, called Father
of Free Verse, and part of the
Walt Whitman
What era did pioneers move west and what
did they bring with them?
Manifest Destiny and they brought
transportation and technology
What is another reason for the expansion
of the U. S. according to John O’Sullivan?
Spreading democracy
Why did President Polk think California
should be part of the U. S.?
The land may produce great riches
Which treaty forced Mexico to recognize
Texas as part of the U. S., made the Rio
Grande the border, and Mexico ceded
territory that covers 7 U. S. states
Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
Why did California achieve statehood
quicker than any other territory in the
Population boom due to California gold
What pull factor encouraged many
European immigrants to the U. S. in the
nineteenth century?
Cheap land
How did the Mormons avoid persecution?
Migration westward
How did many Chinese immigrants
contribute to U. S. society?
They extracted natural resources in
California then helped build the
transcontinental railroad
What is a requirement in the last stage for
a territory to become a state?
To have a population of 60,000 people
How did the Northwest Ordinance of 1787
provide for orderly expansion of the U. S.?
It provided procedures for establishing
territories and creating states?
What was the only positive outcome of the
Articles of Confederation?
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
How did President Polk’s placement of
soldiers along the Rio Grande contribute to
the outbreak of war with Mexico?
U. S. soldiers patrolled a disputed region
that Mexico considered its own territory
Name some states within the Louisiana
Louisiana, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma,
In what time period or century did most of
the territorial expansion of the U. S. take
Early 1800’s or early nineteenth century
What land was purchased from Mexico to
complete the transcontinental railroad
around the Rocky Mountains?
Gadsden Purchase
Why is Gibbons vs. Ogden important?
Only the federal government has to power
to regulate interstate commerce
How did McCulloch vs. Maryland interpret
the constitutional principal of federalism?
Maryland’s state powers did not include the
right to collect taxes from institutions
created by the federal government
Why would the election of Andrew Jackson
be considered a revolution in the shift in
American politics?
Jackson’s election represented a shift of
political power from the elite to the
common man
How did suffrage expand during the
Jackson presidency?
With the elimination of property
qualifications for voting, more common
men were able to vote
Why was the Second Bank of the U. S.
The constitution does not specifically
empower Congress to create a bank
What is a good characteristic of Jackson’s
Greater democracy for the common man
How did the Cherokee respond to the
Indian Removal Act by Jackson’s
They went to the Supreme Court asking for
their rights to be protected (they won, but
were forced to leave anyway)
Why did industrialist in the north favor
tariffs in the early 1800’s?
Tariffs would increase the demand for
American manufactured goods
Why did South Carolina’s Ordinance of
Nullification believe it had a defense of
state’s rights?
South Carolina felt that federal taxes on
imports cannot be imposed if the state
considers the action unconstitutional and
the state can null and void the law.
How did Andrew Jackson respond to the
Nullification Ordinance of South Carolina?
He threatened to send in troops (eventually
Congress and S. C. worked things out)