The Furnace of Civil War Outline

The Furnace of Civil War Outline
Bull Runs end the 90 day war
Union Strategy
123456Bull Run
July 21, 1861
30 miles from Washington DC
Tardy George McClellan and the Peninsula Campaign
General George McClellan
Peninsula Campaign
The War for Capitals
Confederacy: Robert E. Lee
McClellan found a copy of Lee’s orders
The Pivotal Point: Antietam
September 17, 1862
Instead of pursuing the battered Confederate army---McClellan did nothing.
Blacks Battle Bondage
January 1, 1963
180,000 African Americans fought for the Union
Lee’s Last Lunge at Gettysburg
1862- Lee
May 2nd
Gettysburg- Southern Pennsylvania
2nd Day- Confederates drove Union troops from Gettysburg
July 3rd
Huge Losses
November 19, 1863
Union 1862- David G. Farragut
Vicksburg- Ulysses S. Grant
Fought to take Vicksburg
Grant- Spring 1863
Needed to
Sent a Calvary through the heart of Mississippi
Grant moves troops South of Vicksburg
Grant rushed his troops to Vicksburg
May 1863
City Fell on July 4
12345March 1864
Lincoln appoints Grant commander of Union armies
Both believed in waging- Total War
Sherman’s March- Spring 1864
The Election of 1864
Lincoln faced heavy opposition from Democrats
Many Northerners were not happy at the length of the war
Lincoln did not think he would win
Grant outlasts Lee
Wilderness Campaign
April 3, 1865
April 9, 1865
Lincoln very generous
Nation Changes
Union Soldiers died
Confederate soldiers died
Increased federal governments power and authority
Revolution in Warfare
The Martyrdom of Lincoln
13th Amendment
Lincoln Assassinated
The Aftermath of the Nightmare
Booth caught 12 days later
Lincoln taken from Washington to Springfield Illinois
7 million Americans turned out to mourn.