Welcome to 2006 iCPSE Spring Meeting in Atlanta
Prof. Jay H. Lee
Center for Process Systems Engineering • Georgia Institute of Technology
311 Ferst Drive, N.W. • Atlanta, GA 30332-0100
404-385-2148 • www.cpse.gatech.edu
Georgia Tech
• Founded in 1885
• 17,000 Students, 900 Faculty
• US News and World Report’s Ranking
– Top 10 public university
– Top 5 engineering school
• GT Global Learning Center  GT Technology Square
• ChBE housed in Ford Env. Science and Technology
Georgia Tech’s Center for Process Systems Engineering
• Inaugurated in September, 2003.
• Mission:
“Become a world leader in research and education that will sustain the
process industries’ innovation embodied in products or processes”
• Basic Theses
Pace of technological development is accelerating and process
/ product cycles shortening.
Rapid movement from basic research to market
Scientific discovery + systems thinking
Multi-scale simulation and design: Apply constraints and
objectives at various length scales at appropriate time in the
product /
process development
Inaugurated in London in March, 2005
Georgia Tech
Imperial College
University College London
•Shared Industrial Consortia (15+ companies)
•Joint Spring Meeting
•Joint Symposia / Workshops
•Joint Research Projects
•Student / Faculty Exchange
Membership Update
Objective of This Meeting
• Give an update on the status of i-CPSE.
• Increase the dialogue between the academic
members and the industrial members
– Industrial member presentations and discussion on
academic / industry research interaction
– Session on industrial internships and graduate education
• Assess the current status of relevant technologies
– Two plenary talks
– Session on technology assessment
• Provide updates on some on-going research projects
– Poster session, Student research presentations, Individual
meetings and discussions
• Seek input and feedback from the industrial
List of Participants
Dr. Klaus-Dieter Hungenberg - BASF
Drs. San Kiang and Olav Lyngberg - BMS
Dr. Joseph Lu and Sanjoy Saha – Honeywell
Drs. Chad Farschman and Wei Li – Owens Corning
Drs. Larry Megan and Stephane Blouin - Praxair (new potential
Dr. Fred Bourg – Frito Lay (new potential member)
Dr. Marilyn Brown - Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Drs. Subramaniam Arakesauri and Zayeed Alam - P&G.
Profs. David Bogle, Vivek Dua, Eva Sorensen, UCL
Dr. Harry Makatsoris, IC
Mr. Hlynur Stefanson, UCL
Profs. Jay H. Lee, Martha Gallivan, Pete Ludovice, Carson Meredith,
Athanosious Nenes, GT
Matthew Realff, NSF and GT
Many GT PhD Students…..
Schedule for Day 1
• Thursday, March 30
• 9:00–9:20
Welcome Message, Professor Jay Lee, GT
• 9:20–9:50
Overview of i-CPSE activities
Professor David Bogle, UCL
• 9:50–10:00
• 10:00–12:00
Industry-Academia Collaborations
Chair: Professor Matthew Realff, NSF
• 12:00–2:00
Boxed Lunch and Poster Session
• 2:00–3:00
Student Internships/Education
Chair: Professor Jay Lee, GT
• 3:00–4:20
Student Research Presentations
Chair: Prof. David Bogle, UCL
• 4:20–4:30
• 4.30–6:00
• 7:00–9:30
Keynote Talks
Chair: Professor Martha Gallivan, GT
Dinner at Restaurant ENO 800 Peachtree St. N.E.
Comedy by Dr. Ludicrous
Direction to the Restaurant
Start out going NORTH on PEACHTREE ST NE toward 3RD ST NE.
These maps/directions are informational only. Please read our full disclaimer.
Georgian Terrace
Schedule for Day 2
Friday, March 31
• 9:00–10:30
• 10:45–11:45
• 11:45–2:00
• 2:00–3:00
Technology Assessment
Chair: Professor Eva Sorensen, UCL
Ways Forward/Discussion
Box Lunches and Open Discussion
i-CPSE Management Team Meeting
Recent News of GT CPSE
• iCPSE reception at the AIChE Meeting in Cincinnati
• Dr. Gallivan receiving AIChE CAST Division Award
• Prof. Realff now at NSF, Service Enterprise Engineering,
DMI Division
• Recent submission of the US NSF Integrative Graduate
Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) proposal on
“Teaching students to synthesis and design across multiple
– Multi-scale paradigm for design of advanced-product-enabling
materials and manufacturing
– A multidisciplinary team of ~20 faculty members
– Multi-scale thinking, Integration of experiments and modeling,
project management in a multidisciplinary, multicultural team setting
– Comprehensive educational program composed of 3 new courses and
international summer school