Review Game Unit 1 Test - Warren Hills Regional School District

Fashion- Unit 1 Test Review
Match the following terms:
article of clothing such as
coat, suit or sweater
Style of 1990’s started by youth
culture of Pacific NW: messy,
uncombed, disheveled
effort to establish equal social,
economic and political rights for
particular shape or style of apparel
identified by distinct features
that make it unique
Style of 1970’s featuring torn
clothing worn by young people:
frayed clothing and chains
punk fashion
feminist movement
“Haute couture” is the Italian term word
for high fashion
Promotion of a product tries to inform,
persuade, and remind people to buy the
To market effectively, fashion marketers
try to satisfy customers needs
Buying centers and design centers are the
same thing
What city has remained the WORLD fashion
center since the 1700’s?
What city is considered the US fashion
What southern city in US has the world’s
largest wholesale merchandise
Match the following terms:
planning, buying, displaying, selling
of fashion apparel to offer right
merchandise blend to customers
statistics that describe a population in
terms of personal characteristics, such
as age, gender, income, education.
marketing mix
process of developing, promoting,
distributing products to satisfy
customer’s needs
fashion merchandising
specific group of people that a
business is trying to reach
four basic marketing strategies: 4
P’s of marketing: product, price,
place and promotion
target market
What is Miami Merchandise Mart known
What kind of merchandise does London
fashion focus on?
What do they call a commemorative
sidewalk on 7th Ave. in NYC that celebrates
fashion designers who made NYC famous
What do we call the whole process of developing,
promoting, and distributing products to satisfy
customers’ needs and wants?
What are several factors that affect
Fashion merchandising?
1. Economic issues
influence buying
2. Pricing
3. Competition
What are the four components of the
Marketing Mix?
Match the following terms:
central district where fashion
businesses sell products to
retail buyers
periods during each year when
fashion designers present new
designs or collections
system of shared beliefs, values
customs, behaviors attributed
to members of a specific society
buying center
district where the creativity of
fashion design and production
firms are clustered
fashion weeks
Italy’s ready to wear fashion
design center
Name the 3 Marketing Strategies used
to increase business:
Explain two ways the feminist
movement has changed fashion from
the early 1900’s to the present
Explain some ways in which culture and
people “on the street” influence fashion.
Designers look at how people dress on the street. They are often
influenced by the youth culture as in the Punk style of the 70’s and
Grunge style of the 90’s. Also the 70-hip-hop street fashions exerted
influence as of the late 1990’s. These styles moved out of AfricanAmerican inner cities to other cities around the world, not just the
Designers are influenced by their own culture and other people’s.
Examples: Fabrics of India, colors of Africa, Asian influence in dress
styles, middle-eastern henna tattooing are all examples of cultural
influences on fashion.
Madonna wearing a kimono is an example of the Japanese culture