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Gordon Mueller
201 Galer St. #322, Seattle, WA 98109 - (206) 370-1892 - gordonmueller@gmail.com – gordonmueller.com
Customer oriented position where leadership skills, technical abilities, and creative thinking will contribute to
organizational objectives, operational efficiencies and profitability.
Organized innovative team leader and engineer with 15+ years’ experience programming, maintaining, and
troubleshooting web and desktop deliverables. Strong knowledge of Microsoft and web technologies
including Windows, C#, ASP.NET, SQL, IIS, XML, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Adaptive, self-motivated
problem solver with excellent visual, IA, UX, project management, documentation, and negotiation skills.
Proven success in developing desktop and web based solutions with integrity to meet business objectives and
move the needle forward.
 Team Leadership
 .NET / C# / OOP
 ASP.NET / Web Services / Ajax / REST
 Internet Information Server (IIS)
 Networking / Infrastructure
 Certificate Management / PKI
 SVN / Source Safe / Serena
 Process Creation
 Distributed Architectures
 SQL Server / Mondo / SQLite
 Unity / XNA / Qt
 HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript
IA / UX / Design
Hornall Anderson, Director of Creative Technology
2005 – Present
Rising from the role as a Software Engineer to leading the interactive development team to co-leading the
entire Interactive team at Hornall Anderson. Technical new business lead and team coordination. I have work
on and lead technical deliverables for a huge variety of global clients. I consistently provide collaborative input
to design and producer teams, educating and mentoring in technical, IA, and UX for the project platform.
Every project has been unique and required a flexible set of parameters, people, and process to successfully
implement. Key projects:
 Starbucks Vending Interface.
The interface system is written using WPF and includes an inheritance based architecture to allow for
simple integration with multiple hardware vendors. It currently supports integration with MSMQ and
Windows Service systems. 1000+ machines are to be installed in the UK, marking Starbucks’ initial drive
into the vending market.
 HTC One Pop-Up Stores
20'x20' pop-up stores containing five interactive experiences along with two video experiences. These
integrate seamlessly with other branded elements. Built and prototyped in less than three months. All
interactive experiences utilize web technologies. Oversaw build and technology integration into physical
structures. Incorporated analytics tracking system to validate user experience and exposure goals.
 Tommy Bahama Web Site
Working with Blue Martini as the commerce platform vendor, we created a layered web experience from
home page through the commerce experience including integration with product selectors, image
zoom capabilities, and other client side functionality.
 Citation Shares Flight Planning
A rich WPF interface to handle personalized service from PBX integration to hand-off with flight tracking
systems. The interface handles scheduling flight legs, personal preferences for luggage, transportation,
and food, alerts and notifications, airport NOTEMS, more. Up front ethnography allowed us to
streamline customer touch points from over a dozen to a single phone conversation.
 Sears Tower Queuing Experience
Large scale installation of 20 digital deliverables ranging from game interactions, to content
experiences, to physically triggered interactions - making a several hour wait to reach the tower
observation deck an interesting and exciting experience. Project included content management
interfaces, queue analysis, and integration with external data sources.
Premera Blue Cross, Senior Technical Consultant
2002 – 2005
Premera Blue Cross is the leading health plan in the Northwest. With over 2 million subscribers, its web site is
a key feature for creating revenue and retaining members.
 Team lead for web site development effort for new Premera markets in Arizona and Oregon. Included
management of junior developers, project requirements assessment, style guide definition, and timeline
negotiation with business liaisons.
 Primarily development responsibilities include security infrastructure (user registration, log in and data
exchange), subscriber enrollment, Provider functionality, user interface customization, and business
logic components.
 Integral in conceptualizing, developing, and marketing Premera’s next generation web site based on
a .NET Remoting based distributed architecture. Provides over 300% improvement of web page
response time as well as a flexible, templated interface.
 Internal tool development for automating data deployment, system patching, and time management.
Reducing time taken for these tasks by at least 50%.
 Integration with 3rd party vendors using PKI security systems, ensuring membership of over 80,000 new
subscribers as well as first-of-its-kind Provider access.
 Creation of secure Web Services for 3rd party XML based access to Premera data, leading the way for a
new revenue building business model.
 Managed and developed web site integration with corporate security systems providing single sign-on
capabilities for different web site constituents.
 Production support for three transactional web sites with a total of eleven constituent types, several
with 24/7 uptime SLAs.
 Development and maintenance of logged-in functionality for Members, Employers, and Providers,
integrating with highly complex databases comprised of over 700 tables and 10,000 stored procedures.
CVS.com, Senior eBusiness Engineer
1999 – 2001
Formerly Soma.com, CVS.com is the enterprise eCommerce venture for Fortune 100 company CVS/pharmacy,
the leading pharmacy chain in the United States.
 Primary responsibilities included user registration, shopping carts, promotional systems, and order
 Achieved 95% reduction of development and Q.A. resources for generating promotions by creating an
innovative web-based engine and back-end processes.
 Engineered and implemented geographically dispersed applications based on Site Server Pipeline
technologies that incorporated new taxation systems, providing compliancy.
 Lead development effort for phased redesign of transaction path projected, cutting user-clicks by 30%.
 Decreased required user interaction by 80% for prescription refills by developing new purchase path
 Development and maintenance of transactional pipeline, including purchase paths and membership
TPD Publishing, Senior Internet Developer
1997 – 1999
 Redesign and development for Visual C++ Developers Journal web site, allowing for a larger feature set
and customizability. Reduced user-clicks by 25% and server resource utilization by 10%.
 Developed and implemented reporting software allowing business users to create detailed statistic
reports for financial projections.
 Maintained 99.9% availability for multiple websites running IIS and SQL server, resulting in consistent,
reliable access to site information and increased advertising revenue.
Creative Assets, Web Developer/Designer
1995 – 1997
Front-end and middle-tier programming and design of Internet and intranet sites for a multitude of
clients including Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Aon, and Nintendo on a contract basis.
California College of the Arts
Bachelor of Fine Art, Drawing, 1994
Microsoft Certified Professional, 1998
Transactional ASP.NET, 2003
Advanced C#, 2004
Leadership and Negotiation, 2008
Gordon Mueller
201 Galer St. #322, Seattle, WA 98109 - (206) 370-1892 - gordonmueller@gmail.com – gordonmueller.com
Skill Summary
Brief summary:
Gordon has more than 15 years’ experience in software development ranging from back-end distributed architecture to
front-end UI development, with a focus on leading development and interactive teams to reach beyond client needs.
Leadership Skills - 10+ years’ leadership skills as lead/senior developer managing development teams. 6+ years leading
integrated design/producer/developer team. Integral in spearheading internal procedure development including those for
content management, tool workflow, code standards, and documentation processes. Senior Level.
Project Coordination Skills - 6 years’ experience developing system architecture and test plans for high priority projects.
Provided costing, code review, documentation, and workflow assessment. Interface between business units and
development team providing equilibrium between client needs and technical implementation. Senior Level.
Process and Documentation – 10+ years developing project documentation including client requirements, functional
specifications, project architecture documents, team task lists, and user manuals. Expert Level.
System architecture development and testing - 4 years’ experience designing system architectures to integrate with
new and existing database structures, security protocols, and front-ends providing enhanced usability, availability, and
application flexibility. Performed unit and functional testing as part of formal QA processes. Senior Level.
.NET – C# / ASP.NET / WebServices – 10+ years’ experience developing Windows applications and ASP.NET web
applications for internal and external customers. Development and oversight of business requirements gathering,
technology specification, and final technical deliverables. Secure connectivity experience to support external partnerships
and distributed architectures. MVC, OOP, REST, Web service experience. Expert level.
SQL Server / MondoDB / SQLite - 10+ years’ experience in database design, development, and maintenance of
databases ranging in size from 50 MB - 2 GB, 20 - 700 tables. Fluent with stored procedures, triggers, joins, sub-queries,
key constraints, and normalized structures. Senior Level.
Physical Environments - 8 years’ experience developing digital interactions through installations and kiosks. Firm
understanding of real world issues relating to the longevity and usability of physical structures as well as software
deliverables. Specification and vendor management for hardware and installation Senior Level.
Site Server / Commerce Server - 5 years’ experience developing Commerce Server transactional path including shopping
carts, order form creation and validation, pipeline configuration, taxation, address validation, and integration with 3rd party
products. Senior Level.
XML/XSL - 4 years’ experience developing with XML for data sharing with external clients, XSL transformation for UI
display, and data storage for business owner tools. Senior Level.
HTML/CSS - 10+ years’ experience creating cross-platform web content with HTML. Expert Level.
JavaScript - 10+ years’ experience with JavaScript for client-side UI enhancement, browser sniffing, and form validation.
Senior level.
SVN/Source control - 8+ years’ experience managing source control system. Instrumental in building multi-developer
work flow oriented environments. Senior level.
IIS - 10+ years’ experience web mastering with IIS versions 3 - 8. Maintained 99.9% uptime in critical environments. Senior
Graphic/UI Design - 12 years’ experience creating and modifying graphics and layouts for print production, Windows
based applications, and web based UI. Expert Level.