CSC assignment 2.1

CSC 101 Week 2
“A blog is a frequently updated, personal website
featuring diary-type commentary and links to
articles on other Web sites. Blogs range from
the personal to the political, and can focus on
one narrow subject or a whole range of
- A blog is useful because it allows others to
read your personal stance on an opinion, and
they are also able to voice their opinions.
“Organize your schedule and share events with
friends With Google's free online calendar, it's
easy to keep track of life's important events all
in one place. Share your schedule
Let your family and friends see your calendar,
and view schedules that others have shared
with you”
- This website is useful because it allows your
friends and family to check your schedule
without having to ask you if you are free or not
on a certain day.
“With Skype you can make free calls over the
internet to other people on Skype for as long
as you like, to wherever you like. It is free to
- Skype is useful because you are able to
connect with your friends through the
computer, for instance if you are not near a
landline or you do not want to use your
daytime minutes on your cell-phone then you
can call your friend through the computer.
-The website includes a list of the best and worst airports to
sleep in.
-Why spend money on a night in the airport hotel when an
inflatable raft on the airport floor is free?
-For travellers who are REALLY on a budget and are
looking for a way to skim a few bucks off their travel
expenses, why not consider sleeping in an airport
Get deep discounts on flights, hotels, rental cars,
acations and cruises. Exclusive travel discounts you won't
nd anywhere else”.
- This site is useful because vacations are expensive, and
you can save money while booking flights, and hotel
ooms, it gives you more money to spend while on your
-Find flashcards to study or create your own flashcards.
-Study flashcards or use the other activities such as matching,
crosswords, hangman, scrambled word, or bug chase.
-Study flashcards anytime and anywhere by printing your
flashcards or by using them with applications on your cell
phone, PDA, or iPod.
-Search homes for sale, get free mortgage quotes, and
learn about buying.
-Rent or lease a home, condo, townhouse or apartment
with search filters that include pet-friendly rentals and
-Check your home's Zestimate®, edit your home facts,
and get home improvement ideas.
-“Twitterers” or "tweeters" send and receive
short messages, called “tweets,” on Twitter’s
Web site, with instant messaging software, or
with mobile phones”(NY Times)
- “Twitter is without a doubt the best way to
share and discover what is happening right
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