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GIS 251 – Computer Graphics
and Mapping
Chapter 1: makingMaps
It’s a Map
It’s a map
• Maps are a powerful way of thinking about
the earth
• … vital importance of making maps in the
context of your life and systems
Map of Town Plan Catal Hyuk, Anatolia – 6200 B.C.
Babylonian Clay Tablet - 600 BC
(Native American)
ca. 1820
Technological Changes
• GIS and similar desktop mapping tools
have helped GIS go ‘mainstream’
• Analysis and an understanding of
geographic patterns and relationships are
part of everyday life.
Discovery with Maps
• Maps generate new
1854 Map of Cholera Outbreaks
Dr. John Snow
Map Credit: Center for Spatially Integrated Social
Science -
Maps Kill!
Maps Shape How We See
• Projections can cause very different impressions
about the size of objects
• Many classifications are subjective
• Generalizations can hide what the map maker
does not want to show
• Colors cause strong impressions
• Labels can lead to bias
• Statistical interpretations can be misleading
The internet
• The internet lets anyone make maps
• Internet mapping sites and mapping API’s
• Making maps is ubiquitous or
part of our day-to-day lives
This map shows where visitors to my blog are using
an internet mapping application called ‘cluster maps’.
What is a Map?
• A graphic statement that locates facts
•Locating Facts
How do you make a map?
Why are you making the map? chapter 2
Mappable data: chapter 3
Map-making tools: chapter 4
Map design: chapters 5-12
The End!
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