E-book Resources for HINARI Users (module 7.5)

E-book Resources for HINARI Users
(module 7.5)
E-book Resources for HINARI Users
Instructions - This part of the:
course is a PowerPoint demonstration intended to
introduce you to E-book Resources
module is off-line and is intended as an
information resource for reference use.
Table of Contents
 Definition & capability
 Oxford Textbook of Medicine
 American Psychiatric Press Publishing
 CAB e-Books
 Internet Resources (a sampling of gateways)
Hesperian Online Library
Who Health Topics: Publications
BookShelf (MY NCBI)
Merck Manuals: Online Medical Library
Definition: E-book
A book that has been digitized and is available
online. Because e-books usually exist in print
and online versions, they are different from
websites. The content in e-books has gone
through an editorial process that helps to
establish and verify its information.
Glossary of Research Terms. Southwestern Oregon Community College, July 23
2009 (accessed August 24, 2010).
E-book Capabilities
An electronic book is typically delivered over a
computer network. E-book capabilities vary
by vendor, but most offer hyperlink navigation
and keyword searching within the text.
Printing and downloading functions are
usually available, but are restricted to protect
Library and Information Technology Glossary. University of North Texas Health
Science Center Library. May 12, 2010 (Accessed August 24, 2010)
Access to the HINARI E-books is via the Reference
Sources drop down menu. We begin the overview
of these resources by opening the Oxford Textbook
of Medicine, 5th edition (2010).
Note that the other E-book Internet sites discussed
in this module do not require HINARI login.
The Oxford Textbook of Medicine is one of the
foremost international textbooks of internal medicine.
It provides practical guidance on the clinical
management and prevention of disease, with in-depth
coverage of the traditional specialty areas. The initial
page contains an ‘expandable’ table of contents that
details the contents of each topic.
We have expanded the Contents for
chapters 7 (Infection) and 8 (Sexually
Transmitted Diseases).
Note that, for most chapters, you can get
a summary [Essentials] and view the
graphics separately [Browse Figures].
We have displayed the Essentials of
Chapter 8.1 – Epidemiology of
sexually transmitted infections. You
can click on the [Full Text] link for the
complete text of this sub-chapter.
We have displayed the graphics
separately by clicking on the
[Browse Figures] option.
In this final Oxford Textbook of Medicine
slide, we have clicked on the Save option
from the web browser. You can save the
information as a single html file to the
computer’s C drive, a flash drive or a CD.
To view it, you must use your web browser.
Via the Reference Sources drop down menu, we have
opened the American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook
of Psychiatry, 5th edition (2008), one of twelve
psychiatry related E-books available from this
Note that the chapters also have the Download
PowerPoint Slideshow option. This format would be
useful for presentations and lectures.
We have displayed Chapter 3.The Role of Psychiatric
Measures in Assessment and Treatment.
Note that you can access the sections of this chapter
by clicking on the links in the left-column frame.
We have displayed the Clinical Decision Tree, Chapter 3.
Note the options to Email a link, Bookmark This and
either Print Section or Print Chapter. You also can save
the specific text as an html document.
Other American Psychiatric Publishing E-books
Textbook of Geriatric Psychiatry
Textbook of Psychopharmacology
Textbook of Substance Abuse Treatment
Dulcan’s Textbook of Childhood and
Adolescent Psychiatry
• Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental
• DSM-IV Casebook
• Gabbard’s Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders
• Helping Parents, Youth and Teachers
Understand Medications for Behavioral and
Emotional Problems
• Manual of Clinical Psychopharmacology
• Textbook of Psychotherapeutic Treatment
• What Your Patient Needs to Know About
Psychiatric Medications
Remember – to access the American Psychiatric
Publishing’s e-books, you must login to HINARI and
go to the Reference Sources drop down menu.
Using the Reference Sources drop down menu, we have
accessed Applied Mycology, an E-book published by
CABI, a not-for profit science based development and
information organization.
This is one example from the 21 titles in the human health
and nutrition sub-set of CAB eBooks available via HINARI.
These titles include Home Parenteral Nutrition, Integrated
Food Safety and Public Health, and Parasitic Flatworms.
Note: these are large PDF files that are slow to download.
You can choose to download an individual chapter which
would be a considerably faster option.
We have opened the initial page of Applied
Mycology. It is a PDF file that allows you
to print all or part of the material.
From the page with the link to Applied Mycology, we
have clicked on the listing for Human, Health, Food
& Nutrition. This page gives you a listing of the CAB
E-books in this broad subject category and links to
the full-text for those available to HINARI users.
Reminder – access the CAB E-books from the
Reference Sources drop down menu.
We now view some Internet-based sources of E-books besides
those available from HINARI. Using the Internet Addresses
(url) at the top of the slides, you will have access to these free
The initial site is a gateway titled FreeBooks4Doctors! that links
to 365 health–related E-Books. This site can be accessed from
the HINARI Other Free Collections drop down menu.
This slide lists the Infectious Diseases E-books
from the gateway.
You can access the titles by topic, impact factor,
stars (rating system), language and year. The
site notes which titles are PDF files.
To access the full-text books, you will be
redirected from the MedicalBooks4Doctors
gateway to the website of the specific resource.
We have opened two books from the Infectious
Diseases listing in FreeBooks4Doctors!. The first
is the ABC Guide from Johns Hopkins University
(USA). This E-book is organized as a website with
numerous hypertext links from the initial page.
Note the url at the top of the slide.
The 2nd example from FreeBooks4Doctors is a
Centers from Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) E-book titled Epidemiology and
Prevention of Vaccine Preventable Diseases.
From the links in the table of contents, you could
open PDF files of specific chapters. This Ebooks replicates the format of a print book.
Note that the page does have links to related
resources from the CDC website.
Another excellent source of Ebooks for health practitioners in
low-income countries is the
Hesperian Online Library.
Note the list English titles for
download (as PDF files). This
site can be accessed from the
url at the top of the slide.
Another useful gateway is the FreeBookCentre.Net
We have opened the Medical Books category. Note
that these links are organized by broad subject
category plus there is a keyword Search engine.
This slide contains a list of
infectious diseases Books that
are free on the Internet. Note
that the [Language] is listed.
Another good resource for E-books is the World
Health Organization’s Health topics A-Z list. By
clicking on one of the links to a specific topic, you
will be redirected to a page that includes WHO
publications in multiple formats including E-books.
Once again, this is accessible from the URL at the
top of the slide and you do not need to be logged
into HINARI to access these resources.
We have opened the Infectious Diseases
page from the WHO Health Topics subject
listing. Note that there are links to various
WHO documents including E-books under
the Publications sub-heading.
The National Center for Biotechnology
Information(USA) also has a gateway titled Bookshelf.
This has links to all the biomedical E-book publications
by the NLM. Access is via an A-Z Book List.
The last set of E-books is the MERCK
MANUALS Online Medical Library, the
electronic version of the print Merck
Manuals. Access (keyword search, a
detailed index, sections and symptoms) to
all these resources is from this index
We have accessed the Infections Diseases
section which contains a detailed directory
to information on this topic.
The Dengue page contains information on Symptoms,
Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of this disease.
This Online Medical Library functions as a website with
hypertext links. For the information on each specific topic,
you have the options to Print, Email or PDA download.
This is the end of Module 7.5.
There is a workbook to accompany this module.
The workbook will take you through a live session
covering the topics included in this demonstration
with working examples.
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