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Four-year transition and post secondary, non degree program, educating students with Intellectual and developmental disabilities and Supportive apprenticeship for students who are majoring in human service studies which provides practical experience learning from, and working with, individuals with disabilities






Mental Health

George Mason University

College of Education and Human Development Kellar Institute for Human disAbilities  Mason LIFE Program Director

Academic Program

Academic Coordinator

Research Program Exploration Program

University Coordinator

Residential Program

Residential Coordinator

Employment Program

Employment Coordinator Congressional Internship, Mental Health, Integration, Community Office Manager


To be a model in postsecondary programs that focuses on research, academic progress, campus integration through catalog classes, employment opportunities, and the development of independent living skills.

First Years-13

Second Years-13

Third Years- 12

Fourth Years-14

Diversity Statistics African American-14% Asian-5% Caucasian-67% Hispanic-7% Biracial-2% Middle Eastern-5% Interns - 3

Caroline Foster Sophie Johnson


Suri Raut Molly Gorden

New for Fall 2015

    Robin Moyher is the new Assistant Director   2 and 3 year PCP Behavioral plans Student Health Services DARS Funding and challenges

Parent Readiness Scale

Red Flag Items  Item 1 – I expect to know everything my student does at the university.


 Item 2 – I expect one-one support all day.


 Item 9 – I trust my student’s judgement.

 Item 15 – Often I am in contact with my students more than 3 times a day.


 Item 19 – I believe I know what is best for my student.

     

New for Fall 2015

 QRI-5  better/more accurate placement for Lit. class  Track progress over the four years in program – Dr. Berkley, Ms. Gorden and Jason Sutton FRAME – graphic organizer – EBS – T/TAC – Dr. Fontana and doc student Reading program – Read Naturally – Anna Menditto, doc student S.M.A.R.T. – will be mandatory (3-4 pm) Lunch will be shortened 11:30 am- 12pm (noon) Lunch clubs: 12pm (noon)-12:30pm

                   


Fall 2015 Math-Applied Math Literature-Romance Writing-Scary Poetry Banking- 1 st year Banking and Budgeting Yearbook Mason Exploration Human Sexuality Public Speaking Employment Skills– 1 st Current Events year Res. Housing Community Access- Travel Training Ind. Living –No-cook meals Self-Regulation Mindfulness Drama Biology Horticulture Fitness-Water Aerobics 

Mason LIFE Classes Schedule Fall 2015 *Offered, Not Required 5/4 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

9:00-10:15 Literature: Romance

Krug 14

9:00-10:15 Applied Math

Krug 102/AT Lab

10:30-11:20 Basic of Banking

Krug 14

11:30-12:00 LUNCH LUNCH CLUB 12:00-12:30 12:30-1:20 Mason Exploration

Krug 15

1:30-2:45 Human Sexuality and Relationship Fundamentals

Krug 15

2:50 – 3:00 Wrap Up 3:00-4:00


10:30-11:20 Writing: Poetry

Krug 15

11:30-12:00 LUNCH LUNCH CLUB 12:00-12:30 12:30-1:20 Human Sexuality and Relationship Fundamentals

Krug 15

1:30-2:45 Employment Skills

Krug 15

2:50 – 3:00 Wrap Up 3:00-4:00



Fitness Club


Fitness Club

9:00-10:15 Literature: Romance

Krug 14  Residential Housing Krug 15

2:50 – 3:00 Wrap Up 3:00-4:00



Book Club

9:00-10:15 Applied Math

Krug 102/AT Lab

10:30-11:20 Writing: Poetry

Krug 15

11:30-12:00 LUNCH LUNCH CLUB 12:00-12:30 12:30-2:45 Independent Living: No-Cook Meals


2:50 – 3:00 Wrap Up 3:00-4:00




9:00-10:15 Literature: Romance

Krug 14

10:30-11:20 Self-Regulation

Krug 15

11:30-12:00 LUNCH LUNCH CLUB 12:00-12:30 12:30-2:45 Fitness: Water Aerobics The RAC 3:00-4:00


No Program

Kudy Giwa Lawal Stephanie Boscovitch

Pathways for Exploration Academic and Career Catalog, Audit, and Special Topics Fitness and Wellness Courses Sports and Recreation

           Acting I

Special Topics Courses

Beginning Modern Dance  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Drawing I Drawing II  Introduction to Digital Photography Environmental Science  Introduction to Events Management Fundamental of Atmospheric Science Introductory Geology Global Warming: Weather, Climate, and Society  History of Computer Game Design Interpersonal & Group Interaction Introduction to Criminal Justice        Introduction to Sports Management Introduction to Yoga Intermediate Yoga Music - Piano and Viola Newspaper Workshop Popular Music in America Public Speaking  Radio Workshop I  Theatrical Medium 17


 Comprehensive Concentration in Visual Arts Comprehensive Concentration in Ecology and Environmental Science

Andrew Hahn Joanna Santiago

About Employment

 

On and Off Campus Placements

Congressional Hill Internship

Supported Employment

Meaningful Employment

New Worksites for fall

 Federal Communications Commission- International Bureau  Smithsonian Postal Museum  Green Springs Village Continuing Care Retirement Community  University Switchboard  Capitol Hill Compliance Office

Work Specialty Area

 Sports Management Public Works Customer Service Office/Clerical Community Outreach Child Development Mail Services Library Services Data Entry

Capitol Hill, Congressional Internships

Permon Mitchell Kenneth Johnson

Residential Housing

Fall Activities Fall Class Topics

               Welcome Week Comedy Show Fair Oaks Mall Trip Labor Day Cookout Air & Space Museum The National Zoo Bowling Movie Trip GMU Fashion and Talent Shows GMU Basketball/Sporting Events Special Olympics Halloween Costume Party Celebrating of Birthdays Girls Night Brown Bag Sunday Service Project Thanksgiving Dinner Party              Personal Hygiene Laundry and Sorting Recreation Relationships Building and Boundaries Domestic and Cleaning Home/Fire Safety Wellness and Nutrition Budgeting Recipes Meal Planning and Preparation Shopping Cooking Fellowship

Fall 2015

 Developing independent living skills      Reading and developing recipes Creating an inventory of items Creating a shopping list for those particular items Budgeting and shopping for those particular items Preparing the meal  Increase weekend activities  Increase educational activities  Welcome commute students to weekend activities

Residential Housing Staff Responsibilities      Assist with cooking, shopping, cleaning, and other activities.

 Encourage participation and campus integration.

May remind about medication but not administer medication. May remind about hygiene but not physically assist with hygiene.

Mason students who are learning and growing along side of our Mason LIFE students.

The student must call Mrs. Atkins at 703-993-3905 to let her know. The parent(s)/guardian(s) will be called and informed of the student’s sickness.

The student will be allowed to rest until 11am. The student and the parent(s)/guardian(s) must decide whether the student is well enough go to class, go seek treatment, or go home. By noon, if the student is not well enough to go to class, the student will be escorted to Student Health Services or to Urgent Care.

Mason LIFE Sick Policy The Mason LIFE staff will follow the recommendations of Student Health Services or the Urgent Care Staff to determine if the student needs to go back to on/off campus housing, home or to the Emergency Room. If the student is allowed to return to on/off campus housing, the student will be alone between the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. It then becomes the families responsibility to either let them remain alone or to come pick them up and take them home.

There is no Support Staff on duty between the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

George Mason University is not equipped with a Sick Bay In case of emergency, 911 will be called.

Off-campus Authorization Form for Residential Housing Students in Mason LIFE Fall 2015

Student Name: _________________________________ I have permission to travel off- campus independently to the following places: ________________________ All other activities fall within Mason LIFE Residential Program and will be accompanied by the Support Staff or a student. Permission will be sought on an as needed basis.

Student Signature: _____________________________________ All other activities: Parent Signature: _________________________________ Date: ________________________________

Fall 2015

Meal Plan


 Voluntary Minimum Plan


Criterion for Residential

  Must stay for a 2 hour period by self  Be able to prepare no cook meals  Have some knowledge of sorting laundry


The units are owned and maintained by Landlord or Mason. The units are operated by the Mason LIFE Program, with final decisions on room placements.

All units are “dry” meaning NO alcohol on the premises regardless of age.

Unit and room assignments are typically completed by April for the upcoming academic year.

Barbara Smith Renata Daum Luiza Pagonis

New for this Semester

 

Zones of Regulation

Fran Johnson Rob LeSueur

Integration within the overall GMU community through participation in clubs, organizations, events, and activities.

After School Activities • Monday: Fitness

™ T uesday: Yoga • Wednesday: Book Club ™Thursday: ArtStream • Friday: Bowling

Social Interest Inventory

“Wherever we are, it is our friends that make our world.” ~ Henry Drummond

Goal: To provide students with the opportunity to learn the social skills needed to make positive and active choices for their leisure time activities and to connect with others who have similar interests.

Here are the basics….

 Each housing unit will have two Social Captains to help plan and promote social & community integration group activities. Commuter students will have their own Social Captains.

 Social Captains will switch on a semester basis. Pairs are matched to provide peer mentoring opportunities.  Captains will plan at least one social event for their unit each week. They will meet with Ms. Johnson and Mr. LeSueur once a week to choose which activity they want to plan and will have the support of the residential staff to help with organizing and promoting their activity among their housemates and friends.

 They can choose a scheduled activity or plan something new!

Cost of Attending

Academic Tuition

 Fall 2015/Spring 2016 tuition rates: In State: $19,800/year Out-of-State: 

Residency On-Campus

 9,760/year is the room fee, $11,000/year is the support fee for a total cost of $20,760 per year

Residency Off-Campus

 Residential Support Fee: $8,700/year = cost of $20,100 per year $4,350/semester and the cost of rent. This is about $950/month for a total 

Rent is paid directly to the Town House Owner.

Financial Assistance   Mason LIFE Scholarships (about $1,500 per student each semester from private donations)  Approximately $50,000 a year awarded  Veteran’s benefits (pay full tuition, not housing/meals)  Federal financial aid/Pell grant (based on federal criteria thru FAFSA )  Virginia Prepaid Education Program (VPEP)  Pays only tuition portion of the Mason LIFE Program cost of attending  DARS for VA Domicile

Financial Aid

 Award runs over the academic year  Can not guarantee when placed in account  To avoid late fees, pay in full  Overpayment will be by check or direct deposit

    


 Dr. Berkeley, QRI, Literature Dr. Fontana of TTAC with Graphic Organizers, FRAME Human Growth and Sexuality-Dissertation Pilot Dr. Barthold– SASICSE Model-Goal Setting in the workplace Graff Parent Readiness Scale (Clemson, Utah State University, and Kennesaw State University)

Program Resources

Director  Coordinators and Clinical Psychologist Liaisons Office Manager/HR Liaison SPED Managers Overnight Support Staff Senior Support Staff Senior Support Staff Support Staff Support Staff

Family Responsibilities

 Encourage student to ask for help   Contact SPED Managers  Promote resources such Coordinators or Liaisons for assistance  Contact overnight support staff  Promote resources such as RAP meetings  For appointments, contact Mrs. Atkins  Schedule yearly Person Centered Planning Meetings

Person Centered

 Tuesdays at 10 or Noon  1 st  4 th years mandatory in beginning of fall years mandatory in spring prior to graduation  2 nd and 3 rd years in late fall and early spring

Ideal Characteristics

 Knowledge of self  Knowledge of family  Knowledge of the broader community  Desire to continue learning  Desire to be at George Mason University  Desire (with support) to try new activities and join clubs or organizations


 Ability to transition from place to place independently (after being taught)  Ability to use cell phone  Beginning awareness of making purchases or handling small sums of money or ability to use debit card


 Applications will be posted November 6 th  Applications due on January 15 th  Interview February/ March  Decision by April 15 th  Commitment Letter and deposit on June 1st  New Student Open House June 24th

State of the Art

November 12 and 13, 2015

Furnace Hills Coffee


 


Phone (703) 993-3905 Director: Heidi J. Graff [email protected]

 

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Assistant Director: Robin Moyher Office Manger : Stephanie Atkins University Coordinator: Kudy Giwa Lawal Academic Coordinator: Suri Raut Employment Coordinator: Andy Hahn Residential Housing Coordinator: Permon D. Mitchell [email protected]