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Alpha Media, Inc. Presents
Pink Notes Plus™
“Business Instant Messaging Software”
Presented by,
Mark S. Goldberg
Alpha Media, Inc.
What Instant Messaging can do for your Company
How Pink Notes Plus Works
Pink Notes Plus Features
The Old Way
The Pink Notes Plus Way
Whether you want to send Instant Messages down the
hall, or across the world, Pink Notes Plus™ is the
Easiest, Fastest, and most Efficient Office Messaging
software available, to deal with real-world business
“...light years ahead of any other instant
messaging client...”
- DaveCentral.com
Why do you need Pink Notes Plus?
Do you have phone messages all over your desk or walls?
Do you often need a quick answer from other people in your
Are you tired of having sticky notes all over your office?
How often do you have a question for someone and they are
not at their desk?
You do not need to have an Internet connection on all of your
computers to send and receive instant messages.
What is the difference between
Pink Notes Plus and other IM programs?
It is designed for a business environment
You do not need to have an Internet connection
Logs of all of your messages are automatically created
Messages can be sent to people even if they are not
logged in
You can send messages at any future date and time
You have total control over who your employees are
chatting with
What is the difference between
Pink Notes Plus and Email programs?
Messages are delivered instantly
You do not need to have an Internet connection
You have total control over who your employees are
receiving messages from
You don’t receive spam messages
You don’t have to worry about getting a message with a
virus attached to it
How Pink Notes Plus Works
Pink Notes Plus consists of two pieces of software:
Master – this is setup on one computer on your
network. The Master keeps track of all of the Clients,
routes everything sent on the network to the
appropriate computer and saves all of the users
Client – this is setup on the computers that you want
to send and receive pink notes from.
How Pink Notes Plus Works
Requirements for Pink Notes Plus Clients and Master:
Windows 9x/Me or NT/2000/XP
A network card or Internet connection
TCP/IP needs to be setup on each computer
How Pink Notes Plus Works
Common PNP Network Layout
 This layout shows a LAN that
connects all of the computers in the
office by use of TCP/IP. This network
consists of 6 workstations (with any
32-bit version of Windows). Each
computer has the PNP Client
installed on it and one computer has
both the PNP Client and PNP Master.
 This network also has the PNP
Master computer connected to the
Internet. This allows computers
outside the office, with the PNP
Client installed, to send and receive
Pink Notes from home or on the
How Pink Notes Plus Works
New Message Window
Send any Pink Note
instantly or at a future
date and time, even
on a repeat basis.
You can attach any
type of files to your
Pink Notes.
By creating groups
you can easily send
to multiple users with
one mouse click.
When a new Pink
Note is created, you
can easily see the
status for all of your
Change Font Size,
Color and Type in
any Pink Note.
How Pink Notes Plus Works
Received Message Window
You can easily Print,
Reply, and Forward
any Pink Note that
you receive.
Quickly Acknowledge/
Reply to a Pink Note
with just one click of
the mouse button.
Re-Send any Note
to yourself at a later
date and time.
Easily Save or Trash
any Pink Notes you
Scroll through your
Pink Notes by clicking
the message tabs or
arrows (below).
How Pink Notes Plus Works
System Tray Icon
Pink Notes Plus™ is designed to have
maximum power, but to take up a minimal
amount of disk space and desktop space.
When Pink Notes Plus™ is running on your
computer, it will be seen as a small icon in
your system tray. You are able to send a
new message, view/print logs, set autoresponder, auto-forward messages, log-on
as another user, change your settings, and
get help by right-clicking on the icon. You
can also send a new message by leftclicking on the icon.
Say goodbye to office email programs that
take up your entire desktop and screen!
Pink Notes Plus Features
 User Status – when a new pink note is created, you can see the
status of all your users, indicated by the color next to their name
 Groups – allows you to easily send to multiple users
 Urgent Messages
Must Acknowledge
Send Later – enables you to send a pink note at any future date/time
Attach a File
Quick Messages/Subjects
 Quick Replies/Acknowledge
 Email – allows you to send an email from the New Message window
Pink Notes Plus Features
 Logs – allows you to easily view past pink notes that you have sent
and received as well as pink notes to be sent at a later date
 Re-Send – enables you to re-send a messages that you have
received at any future date and time, when it is more convenient
 Do Not Disturb
 Auto Response
 Auto Forward
 Conference Room – chat room to allow multiple people in an
office to easily chat with each other (can be disabled by administrator)
 Colors / Sounds / Skins – fully selectable for your needs
Some Plans for the Future
Wireless access
Web version
Who is using Pink Notes Plus?
Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley
Warner Brothers
Salomon Smith Barney
SBC Southwestern Bell
Saint Petersburg Times Publishing
Who else is using Pink Notes Plus?
Charter Communications
U.S. Navy
Westwood Studios
City of Tulsa Oklahoma
H & R Block
and many more……….
Where to Start
Pink Notes Plus is FREE to download and try for 90 days.
Technical Support is available by phone or by online chat
8:30am-4:30pm (Eastern Time) Mon-Fri., or by email.
Website: www.PinkNotesPlus.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 631-777-5500
Alpha Media Inc.
Address: 42 Central Drive / Farmingdale, NY 11735
How much does PNP Cost?
Pink Notes Plus costs as little as $99.00 for a 5-user version.
For a complete list of the registration costs please see the
pricing page on our website at:
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