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The Deciduous Forest has trees and grass. When it is fall the leaves will
fall of the trees. The plants absorb nutrient.
There are thousands of ants in the Deciduous Forest. The queen ant mate
with the male ants. The workers do not reproduce. Soldiers are large
workers(sterile female)who defend the colony and often raid other
The Northern Cardinals is a kind of bird that whistle loud and
sing songs. They are found in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina,
Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. The Northern Cardinals 8-9 inches. It
weighs from 1 to 2 ounces. The Northern Cardinals eat seeds.
The Nightingale is a small bird. They live in the deciduous forest. Their
diet are insects, insects lavaes, worms,spiders, berries, and fruit. The Nightingale
have a cup-like nest. Female Nightingale built their nest. The nest is made of
twigs, leaves, and is lined with grass. Female Nightingale lay 4to5 olive-green to
brown eggs in each clutch(a set of eggs lay at one times). The eggs stays the
same for 11-12 days.
Frogs live in the Deciduous Forest. They are amphibians.
Amphibians are animals that spend parts of their life on
land and the other parts
is spend in the water.
They spend their life near water because they lay their
eggs in the water. When the eggs hatches it turns into
Then it turn into froglets and into an adult frog. In harsh
climates, they bury themselves in the sand and mud and
hibernate(to sleeps deeply)through the whole winter.
Their diets are insects, small fish and worms. The first
true frog envolve in the Jurassic period about 200 years
ago(during the dinosaur time.