Student Administrative Council Meeting #7 Wednesday, February 13

Student Administrative Council
Meeting #7
Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Jessica Brook (Left at 6:45 p.m.)
Jake Dodge
Zack Dodge
Adam Gourlay
Jason King
Emma Newman
Kendra Sauder (Left at 6:45 p.m.)
Kyle Savage
Sahibjot Singh
Teighlor Thompson
Spencer Vermue
Dylan Hammond
Jenny Rawlins
Matt Stewart
Jeff Bairos
Paul Massé
Kirsten McKay
John b. Young
The meeting was called to order at 6:06 p.m. with Zack Dodge as chairperson and Emma
Zekveld as secretary.
SAC Election
Sahibjot Singh explained why he believes that he would be a good Motive Power SAC
Representative. A vote was taken and Sahib was voted in as Motive Power rep.
Approval of Agenda
It was:
MOVED by Emma Newman, SECONDED by Adam Gourlay and CARRIED to
approve the agenda.
Approval of Minutes
It was:
MOVED By Jake Dodge SECONDED by Jessica Brook and CARRIED to
approve the minutes from Meeting #6.
Action Item Review
Emma L. reviewed the action items from the previous SAC Meeting. Zack is going to look into a
microphone for the teacher in the Dental Assisting program when he meets with the Dean of
Health Sciences and Nursing. All other action items were dealt with.
Presidents Report – Zack Dodge
Zack informed the Board that this week is the last to submit a nomination form for the Executive
Election. He noted that all packages must be returned by Friday at 4:00 p.m. If anyone has any
questions, they can speak to Zack or another VP.
Zack is still working on fostering communications with the FSU and various divisions. Progress
has already been made through meetings with various Deans and Coordinators within the
College. Several more meetings have been scheduled with the Deans of Motive Power,
Contemporary Media, Health Sciences and Nursing and Language and Liberal Studies.
Many students have been arranging the “Harlem Shake” for Friday night in the Oasis at 8:00
p.m. Zack hopes that nothing gets out of hand with this event.
The SAC Sweaters have been chosen and Zack is waiting on the final design to be approved.
Zack informed the Board that the SAC position for School of Design is still vacant.
Zack created a statement that was distributed to Chartwell’s regarding the messy tables in D
Cafeteria. Library services are in the process of introducing an automatic checkout machine for
the late night services. More staff may be introduced as well to allow more flexibility for
VP External and Academic Affairs – Adam Gourlay
Adam has received many new additions to the class rep system, most of which have been sent
out to the SAC reps. Adam, Zack and Jason will be meeting with more Deans in the near future
to enhance the system even more.
Tomorrow Zack, Emma, and Adam will leave Thunder Bay for the CSA Conference. Adam
believes it will be a good learning experience and is excited to participate.
Adam has spoken to John S. and Rodney about posting the Rights and Responsibility Document
in the Alumni Lounge and the first floor of Oasis. John S. will update Adam after he and Rodney
discuss the total costs.
VP Internal – Jason King
Jason noted that the number of class reps has changed from 74 to 135. Jason and Zack recently
met with David Belford, the Dean of Business. Jason plans to send out notices to the
coordinators of the School of Language and Liberal Studies and doing class visits with class rep
elections being held on the spot.
The posters regarding sexual abuse/alcohol have been put up and new posters for Alcohol
Awareness Days are on their way. Jason is working with the Residences to get the RAs involved.
Jason and Lois Wey have been in contact about how Counseling and Accessibility Services can
help with the Awareness Days.
The Harsh Language Awareness Day will have a table in F Hallway as well as a poster
campaign. The Awareness Day will target the use of the word “retard”, but will include all types
of harsh language. It will be the first Friday after the Executive Elections.
Jason has started to plan events for Environmental Awareness. He is working closely with the
College Sustainability Coordinater for this.
VP Finance – Emma Newman
Emma noted that Nicole, her new FMT member, has been doing a great job so far. Nicole has
been getting information out to students and the FMT Twitter has around 50 followers now,
which is a big increase from zero last semester.
Emma asked that the Board pass on information about College Wide Awards. There are a
number of different awards available for things such as leadership and contribution to athletics
and students can apply for up to three.
VP Entertainment – Kendra Sauder
Kendra is currently working on booking some nooners. Sex Toy Bingo is tonight. Stevie Starr
will be performing for the nooner on Tuesday, March 4th, which will be filmed for a
VP Athletics and Residence Life – Matt Stewart
Matt was unable to attend the meeting, so Zack read his report for him.
Charity Ball went well and about $1900.00 was raised for Big Brothers Big Sisters of London.
It was:
MOVED By Kendra Sauder SECONDED by Jake Dodge and CARRIED to
approve topping up the Charity Ball fundraising total to $2000.00, subject to
normal restrictions.
The Relay for Life Committee is filling up, but Matt would like to have some SAC members to
help out with the event. Matt hopes to meet early next week to start planning.
Matt noted that the volleyball and basketball seasons will be over soon.
SAC Reports
Human Services – Jessica Brook
Jessica reported that her class reps have been very busy as of late. She just received two more
class reps and she has been encouraging them to get to know everybody else. Jessica has had her
them pass along the information about the survey for the Fanshawe mobile app. Jessica’s class
reps have also been very helpful by bringing in ideas for the Harsh Language Awareness Day.
Jessica was happy to attend both the College Gala and the Charity Ball. She had a great time and
was honored to have been given opportunity to attend.
Language and Liberal Studies – Jake Dodge
Jake has noticed that the College entrance at Oxford and First St. is very icy and poorly
maintained. John b. noted that this is city property, so the College cannot deal with it.
Jake has mentioned the FSU visioning session to some of his classmates and they seemed
interested in attending.
Lorraine McNeil is giving a presentation on the 14th in D1060 from 2 – 3 p.m. about Social
Justice for the Language and Liberal Arts Speaker Series. Jake believes it will be an interesting
Business – Dylan Hammond
Dylan was unable to attend the SAC Meeting, so Zack read his report for him.
Dylan has emailed every student within the Business Department to get feedback and promote
the class rep system. Through this, Dylan has gained more class reps.
Dylan met a student in Landscape Design that had two problems. The first was that the program
coordinator who teaches the drafting class took her 3rd year students to Europe to show them
different sculptures and buildings and subsequently was replaced by an art teacher, who wasn’t
completely familiar with the technical design aspect of the course. The change over happened
half-way through the course and many students’ grades dropped as they were being graded on
material that was not relevant to the course. There is an event in the Urban Planning course,
where the students are supposed to shadow upper year students while they go to a company and
help professionals. According to the student, this is no longer happening due to lack of
professionalism, which Dylan believes isn’t fair because the tuition is the same.
Within the School of Business, one of the topics that has been brought to Dylan’s attention was
the Smartboards that Fanshawe College has in some of the classrooms within the Business
Building. Professors have not been using them to their fullest potential and students feel they
would benefit from more use.
Students in the Small Business Entrepreneur Program are upset because they are learning too
much about the corporate world instead of learning about creating a small business. In addition,
the program itself is significantly close to the General Business Program. The students in this
program feel that the course material should be reviewed.
Dylan has also received complaints about student-teacher relationships because very few
professors remember their names. There is also a lack of respect towards teachers, which can be
distracting for students who want to learn.
Some students have complained to Dylan about having 2-4 hour breaks in between 1 hour
lectures, which is an inconvenience to the students.
Lastly, Dylan received a complaint form a student in the Fanshawe Accounting Association,
claiming that there is a too much power given to the president and the committee in general,
which takes away from other students who want to get involved with the association.
Action Item: Zack to talk to
Dylan about the complaints
that he has received.
Health Sciences and Nursing – Laura Robson
Laura will be holding her class rep meeting on Tuesday, February 19.
On Monday Feb 11 LIHSA held an event for health care students to hear a mother and son speak
about their experiences in LHSC hospitals with regards to staff following a severe traumatic care
accident. The focus of the talk was on the importance of family centered care.
The RTSF Conference is will be at Fanshawe on Saturday, March 23. Tickets are $10.00 for
members and $25.00 for non-members.
The LIHSA Health Care Team Challenge is will be on Wednesday, March 6 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
at Western University. LIHSA is encouraging all students to come out and watch two teams
(including some Fanshawe students) take on each other in this competition in front of a panel of
judges. Admission is $5.00 or free to LIHSA members. Food will be provided. Students need to
The office of Inter Professional Health Education and Research (IPHER) at Western is also
providing a free IPE workshop all day on Saturday, March 16 from 9-4 p.m. in the Great Hall at
Sommerville House on the Western campus. The topic is encountering death in the clinical
setting. Students need to email and register with name and program info.
The Hygiene students are raising awareness for the Sharing Smiles Day events which occurs
annually in London. Dental students from the University of Western and Fanshawe College
collaborate with other volunteers educating, advocating and motivating persons with disabilities
and other members of the community. Bringing awareness to both the lack of access to oral care
that people with special needs face and the importance of oral health care as it relates to one’s
overall health and quality of life. They are looking for donations as well selling t-shirts to raise
money for their cause.
Laura noted that the windows in room D1014 face West and students find it very difficult to see
the board.
Action Item: Zack to look
into getting curtains for the
windows in room D1014.
Information Technology – Kyle Savage
Kyle has met with both of his class reps and has recently gained a new rep. Neither of his reps
had any complaints to bring to him.
Kyle noted that there is a garbage can in G Building that is often missed during garbage
changeover. He has noticed that is beginning to smell.
Action Item: Zack to look
into getting the garbage can
in G Building changed more
Contemporary Media – Teighlor Thompson
Teighlor and Dana Morningstar, the Chair of Contemporary Media, are working on finding a date
for the Media Mixer.
Teighlor noted that the wifi and the internet on the College computers is extremely slow at the
downtown campus.
Action Item: John b. to look
into getting the wifi fixed at
the downtown campus.
Building Technology & Applied Science and Technology – Spencer Vermue
Spencer met with School of Building Technology reps last Wednesday, January 6th. He was able
to sit in on their meeting and listen to what was going on within their respective departments.
Some issues that Spencer noticed seem to be reoccurring were ones involving computer labs and
access around the College. Some students were also concerned with not having certain software
in specific computer labs (ARC GIS in C1019).
Spencer was also able to meet up with the School of Applied Sciences class and faculty reps on
Jan 31st to introduce himself. Spencer was able to give out his contact information. Jason will
pass on class rep list for the School of Applied Sciences.
Action Item: Jason to give
Spencer the class rep list for
the School of Applied
Last Wednesday, Spencer was able to attend the Career Fair in J Gym. He found that it was well
attended by both students and companies.
No one has contacted Spencer about any major issues.
The Habitat for Humanity Club is meeting on Wednesdays. The next class rep meetings are set
for March 27th from 11 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. in T1027.
New Business
Student Housing Focus Group – Zack noted that there is construction for highrise apartment
across from Fanshawe. The company building the apartments is looking to see what students
would like within the apartments. Zack will look into booking a date for a focus group.
Action Item: Zack to look
into booking a time for a
Student Housing Focus
Fanshawe Mission/Vision Session – Dr. Rundle will be discussing the College Mission
Statement next Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. Zack asked SAC to attend.
Action Item: SAC to attend
the College Mission
Statement Presentation next
Documentary Presentation – John b. noted that the Fanshawe College Film Studies students will
be showing their Documentaries on Saturday at the Wolf Performance Hall. More information
will be sent out.
Next Meeting
Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in SC2016
It was:
MOVED by Adam Gourlay, SECONDED by Emma Newman and CARRIED to
adjourn the meeting.