Political Ideologies

Political Ideologies and
The Cow Version
What does the cow say?
• A form of government where the most power
is held by the people
• Usually this power is given to representatives
(politicians) through elections
Democracy…cow analogy
• You have two cows. Your neighbors vote to see
who gets the milk.
• A system where the collective (everyone) or
the government decides how goods will be
produced and distributed to the people
• The goal is to give equal work and goods to all
= everyone is happy
Socialism…cow analogy
In theory:
You have two cows. You give one to a neighbour.
In practice:
You have two cows. The government takes one
and gives it to a neighbour.
Democratic Socialism
A democratic government which uses a socialist
economic system.
This may mean using principles of democracy in
the economy.
Democratic Socialism…cow analogy
• You have two cows. Your neighbours vote on
who can distribute the milk to everyone.
• An extreme socialist system of government
• The government has more control
The Claim:
• Communism makes a better and more equal
• All human activity (work, etc.) is to benefit the
government, which in turn is to benefit the
The Reality:
• Usually the only ones to benefit are the
government elite and their inner circle
Communism…cow analogy
• You have two cows. The government takes
them and gives you some of the milk.
Capitalism (Economic)
• An economic system where the production
and distribution of goods is privately owned
• Business owners can profit greatly
• Workers get paid for their degree of work
Capitalism…cow analogy
You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull.
• Some people think their work deserves
greater pay or recognition (minimum wage
vs.. millionaires)
• If workers are treated poorly enough they
might revolt
• Respect for tradition, the rule of law, and
(Christian) religion
Conservativism…cow analogy
• You have two cows. You freeze the milk and
keep the cows safe in their pen.
• If you are a conservative capitalist, you turn
your farm into a zoo where people pay
• The government advocates for its country to
be independent and powerful
• The government may believe its country
deserves more rights than other countries
Nationalism…cow analogy
You have two cows. The government takes
them and declares them better than all other
cows in the world.
If left unchecked…
The most extreme governments
become Totalitarian
• Soviet Russia
• Nazi Germany
• A government that controls nearly all areas of
public and private life
• Any activities that are not for the government
(labour unions, churches, other political
parties) are not tolerated
Power is maintained by:
• Secret police
• Propaganda spread by the governmentcontrolled media
• Restriction of freedom of speech, voting, etc.
• Widespread use of terror tactics
Totalitarianism…cow analogy
• You have two cows. The government takes
them and denies they ever existed. Milk is
banned. You disappear and are written out of
• A system of government with
– complete control by a dictator,
– a government controlled economy,
– violent suppression of the opposition,
– a policy of nationalism and racism.
Fascism…cow analogy
• You have two cows. The government takes
them and sells you some milk. Then the
government sends you to a hard labour camp.
• Today is called Neo-Nazi
• Nazism advocated for extreme national pride
and elimination of all “inferior races”
Nazism…cow analogy
You have two cows. The government discovers
that cows do not have a nation, and are actually
from an inferior race of leeches.
The cows are gassed. You are sent to a death
camp for owning inferior cows.