Project Assignment 8 Megan Howe Soojung Kim 6 May 2013 Based

Project Assignment 8
Megan Howe
Soojung Kim
6 May 2013
Based on the information from assignment two, my audience is middle-aged working
adults. The angle used for this target audience of middle aged working adults is the need to
keep up with their busy life style. The role I am taking here is that of an observer.
Creative Brief for Venom Energy Drink
Client Contact Information: Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (972) 673-7000
Project: “ Campaign to raise brand awareness and increase sales for Venom Energy Drink”
Prepared By: Megan Howe and team at LevelTwo Advertising Agency
[email protected] 214-824-9782
Many of the competitors of Venom have been getting a lot of press within the past year
regarding their marketing tactics to a teenage audience, along with their health risks
towards people of all ages. The FDA has been cracking down on labels of energy drinks and
running honest campaigns.
That is what sets us apart from the competition. Our campaign is targeting working middleaged adults who need that extra push to get them through their busy days. The main point
of our advertisement, and the one thing we want to get across is that Venom isn’t beating
around the bush with you, they are calling themselves an energy drink because that is what
they are, and we are targeting a mature audience because they are the people who need
this product the most and who can understand its purpose.
We want people to see an ad for Venom and maybe be a little shocked. Unlike the
competition, Venom is putting itself out there, plain and simple. Like the name states,
Venom is a poison, so why not “Pick your poison”, a pun relating to its name being poison
and referring to Venom’s different flavors as selections.
Target Audience:
This campaign will be targeted at working middle age adults, both male and female,
between the ages of 30-50. Some of these people will be married, others not, some will
have kids and others will not. According to my research of the MRI report, they were the
largest consumers of energy drinks. Also, they appear to be the group in most need of
energy, and would be the best option to make a realistic, worthwhile pitch to. The reason
this audience is best to target is because they are the people who have the most to balance
in their day-to-day life. Working 9-5, drop the kids off at soccer practice, cook dinner, pay
the bills, go to bunko at the neighbors etc. Whatever combination of those everyday tasks
are, everyone has them, but this audience needs Venoms help to stay on top of their game.
We call this person, “Ben” or “Christine”.
Most important thing to say:
Venom will boost your energy when you are feeling that 2:30pm slow down at work.
Venom is the poison of the snake that bites you, and can affect you in an instant. This
energy drink will do the same, affective in an instant.
Reasons to believe and buy:
1. Venom clearly labels on its bottle the amount of caffeine, unlike other competitors
(170 mg/bottle).
2. Venom was the first energy drink to have the re-sealable cap, allowing consumers to
consume at their leisure.
3. Venom is not just sold everywhere; it is a unique brand unlike the commonalities of
Red Bull and Monster being sold at your local convenience store.
4. Venom has recognition across the country through its sponsorship of Marco
Andretti and his Indy Car team.
5. Venom is trying to gain more market share in the industry, and is working hard to
earn your business
Creative Development Assistance:
Manufacturers Brand Overview- “Dr Pepper Snapple Group introduces Venom, an energy
drink for those wanting to experience thrill seeking adventures. Available in Black Mamba,
regular, and Mojave Rattler, low-carbohydrate/calorie, Venom provides the bite that hardcore energy drink fans demand”.
Insight- “Venom Energy was released in 2002 in a more typical beverage container and
was relaunched in the new aluminum bottle and with a new taste in early 2008.”
“The caffeine content of Venom energy drinks is roughly 162 mg per bottle, or
approximately equal to that found in eight ounces of plain Starbucks coffee”
“In 2008, Venom Energy entered into a partnership with the Arena Football League to
promote the product during the 2008 playoffs on ESPN and ABC.”
User quote- “There's an interesting bite at the end of the drink, which appears to be the
combination of caffeine, sucralose, and some sort of spiced flavor. All in all, it's an enjoyable
flavor, although it borders on being too sweet.”
“Venom is a nice looking brand, especially on this bottle, but the "black mamba" name is
confusing rather than cool or useful. We'd prefer something that speaks to what's inside
the bottle”
Creative Thought Starters- I came up with a tagline earlier, “Pick Your Poison”, referring
to the name of the energy drink being Venom (a snakes poison) and the fact that there are
numerous flavors. This could be an area to jump start an ad campaign from.
1) Date _5/9/13_initial creative review of rough pencil sketch ideas.
2) Date _5/16/13_review revised creative. Half size, with color, hand or computer created.
3) Date _5/20/13_final internal creative presentation. Same finish as previous round.
4) Date _5/27/13_client creative & media presentation. Full size, full color. Hand or
computer created.
5) Date _6/3/13_ print ads delivered to publication.
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