Four Strategic Themes

Sol Lumen is an artwork of yvette mattern
Facts & Figures
Highest student pass rate
Education innovations
Honours education for every faculty
Excellence programmes
Professionalisation for lecturers
(lecturer prizes, teaching fellows)
• International
• Educate-it
• Top students (student prizes)
• Integrated approach to academic/scientific
and societal issues
• Four strategic themes
• Focus areas
• Prizes and distinctions
• Strong links between teaching and research
Four Strategic Themes
Dynamics of Youth
Institutions for
Open Societies
Integrating Utrecht
expertise on youth
development, from synapse to
Cooperation, Self-regulation
and Collective Action
Sustainability and Resilience
Innovation and Economic
Equality, Inclusiveness and
Social Mobility
Democratic Governance,
Citizenship and Trust
Life Sciences
Public health
Regenerative Medicine
& Stem cells
Water, Climate & Eco Systems
Healthy Urban Living
Future Energy & Resources
Knowledge transfer
Utrecht Science Park
Utrecht Valorisation Center
Twofold increase in entrepreneurship education
Research Support Offices
Centre for Science Communication and Culture
Career Services
Collaborative partnerships
• Regional
• National
• International
1 billion
up to 2018
Already been realised
• New Danone Researchcentre
• P&R Utrecht Science Park
• Joint Environmental Laboratory
(Utrecht University in collaboration with
TNO and Deltares)
• New classroom building for Science and
Geosciences faculties: V.J.
Koningsberger building
• New student housing: Johanna
Yet to realise
• Expansion of Hubrecht Institute
• New Life Sciences incubator for
fledgeling companies (autumn 2015)
• Construction of new HU University
of Applied Sciences Utrecht Nature
and Technology faculty (till summer 2016)
• New office building for Geosciences
(mid 2017)
• The Princess Máxima Centre for
Paediatric Oncology (2017)
• The National Institute for Public Health
and the Environment (RIVM) (2018)
• Medicines Evaluation Board (MEB)(2018)
• Uithof line (2018)
• Culture and academia
• Centre for Science Communication and Culture
• Parnassos Cultural Centre
• Studium Generale
• Utrecht University Museum
• Cultural events
• Cultural student organisations
• Education and Research; Sport & Society
• Events (grassroots sport)
• Tour de France
• Utrecht Science Park Marathon
• Sports programmes
• Health and fitness for staff
• Students and top-level sports
Student life
• Active student life/student organisations
150 student organisations
• Emerging: student organisations relating
to sustainability, society and
internships (social entrepreneurship)
• International associations
• 6,500 students (HU+UU) are members
of a student society;
3,600 students from Utrecht University
alone (2012)
Sol Lumen is an artwork of yvette mattern