Me llamo . Hoy es el de de . Página Web & Sílabo de Jason

Me llamo
Hoy es el
Página Web & Sílabo de Jason Stillinger
(Español 2)
Follow these directions to find my website:
 Go to the school website (
 Click on Staff (tab up at the top)
 Click on Jason Stillinger (you can also email me from this page)
 Welcome to my website! Click on 2nd Year.
Now that you are there, answer the following questions about my website.
1) Flashcards
a) What are the 4 units(subjects) for the year that the flashcards are broken up into?
Unit 2-
Unit 3
Unit 4
b) Click on “verbos” under “Restaurante”
-----What format are the flashcards if you pick “start study session, then start session”?
How do you turn the card over?
How do you go to the next card?
----What format are the flashcards if you pick “quiz me and then start quiz?
c) When would using the flashcards be helpful?
2) Conjugator Tool
a) Go to the part, on the same page as the flashcards, and go to “verb tense ending practice”. Click on the
link. If you are not good at “present tense regular verbs” verb endings, what number link on the page
would you use to practice those endings? If you are not good at past tense preterite endings, what
numbered link would you use?
3) Find the link to the Spanish-English and English-Spanish online dictionary (on the “Home” page) and
translate the following words:
a deck:
to jump:
4) You missed some in-class soap opera style vids we are going to watch this year, called “Eres tú Maria” and
want to make them up.
a) What link do you go to get to them?
5) You are going to do homework tonight, where do you find the assignments for homework on the blog?
a) What is the homework tonight?
b) If you are absent, what should you do first instead of asking the teacher about what you missed?
6) You lost your vocabulary sheet with all the notes in it, where do you go on the blog to print out a new one?
7) You need some extra work with grammar, a re-explanation of it and some practice, what are the two tools on
the blog available so that you can do this?
8) If you don’t understand a grammatical concept and like to see it represented visually, like someone is
teaching it to you in person, where do you go?
a) What are the third and seventh grammar videos about?
Use your syllabus--Read the syllabus (“Español 2”) and answer the following questions.
1) Please list the types of items not allowed in class and the consequences for using them:
2) What are four items you must bring to class each day?
3) When is homework due?
a) What happens if homework is late without an excused absence?
b) What happens if homework is late with an excused absence?
c) What happens if I only do ½ of an assignment?
d) What happens if I don’t correct my work?
4) If a student doesn’t do well on a test, is there a makeup test to improve the score?
5) Define participation. How much is it worth in your overall grade?
What are the other 8 grade categories and what are they worth?
6) If you are struggling with the class, where and when can you go to get help?
7) What does the syllabus say about cheating?
8) If I need to use the restroom, what do I need to do? When can I not use it?
In class Resources
1) Where do you turn in homework? Where is it?
2) What resources are at the orange table at the front of the room?
3) If you turned in an assignment but didn’t get credit for it, look in the “no name folder”. Where is it?
4) When the teacher is giving instructions in Spanish and I don’t know some of the word, where do I look?