An update on recent and planned administrative systems matters

HR User Group 4 March 2010
An update on recent and planned HR
administrative systems matters
Niyi Akinmutande
Assistant Director HR Operations and Information
SiP Releases
General SiP release with enhanced
Released week
commencing 22
February 2010
Clinical appointment and changes
screens to be added
User acceptance testing
UAT by April 2010
Integration of Recruitment Module
and HR/Payroll Database
Building commences by
Late May 2010
Teaching staff and Form 6s
User acceptance testing
UAT by Late June 2010
Replacement of paper contract packages for successful
applicants who apply on line.
Screens built and being tested implementation date is
scheduled for Mid March 2010
Recruitment Reporting
We are working with WCN the suppliers of the Recruitment
Module to provide UCL with improved data download
facilities so that we can analyse how our recruitment
performance stacks up against UCL’s academic mission as
set out in The UCL White Paper 2007-12.
22. Continuing to invest in the recruitment and
retention of excellent staff across the whole
institution is of critical importance.
Recruitment and retention of best academics and support staff.
Consider the concept of a war for talent in a global market.
Recruitment Reporting continued
Of crucial importance is that all applicants are moved on to
the appropriate final status thereby closing the recruitment
action properly.
The 16 February 2010 email from the HR Administrative
Process Manager makes the request of all DAs and the
deadline is 5 March 2010 please.
85 jobs were still outstanding at the time of writing this…
Single Training Booking System
A single portal for booking training with UCL’s trainers.
Pilot starts at the end of March 2010.
Features include:
Online searching and booking
Online cancelation
Reserve list and Waiting lists
My Bookings
• bookings, reserve list and interests
Online Job Evaluation
HR Consultancy are planning to move to online Job
The system will be ready for testing by Easter 2010.
Features will include:
– Completing the Job Description Outline online
– Panel members having the ability to score online
– Departments able to view evaluation outcomes
– An online reference of submitted JDOs
Electronic Document Records Management EDRM
HR have bid for funding to implement EDRM
• Planned timescale is 2010 – 2012
• Includes an organisational staffing file plan which will allow
departments and HR to store electronic files in the same
folder structure.
• Current paper based workflows will be jointly reviewed.
• The plan is to digitise all UCL staff files and set up a
hierarchy of security to control roles based access
between HR and departments.
EDRM Staffing File Plan
We will have to think of filing along the lines of
staff folders sitting in organisation units rather
than staff files sitting in alphabetically ordered
filing cabinets.
We will have to talk through how to share and
share securely
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