IOC and Final Exam Study Guide

IOC+D (part 2 works) Final Reminders (changes in yellow)
What works may be used for commentary?
 Selected poems of Hughes
o “The South”
o “Poem to a Dead Soldier”
o “Summer Night”
o “Lament over Love”
o “The Cat and the Saxophone (2 a.m.)”
o “Song of the Revolution”
o “”Daybreak in Alabama
o “Ballad of the Landlord”
o “Dark Youth of the U.S.A.”
o “The Negro Mother”
o “This Puzzles Me”
o “Song of Adoration”
o “Carolina Cabin”
o “Dancer”
o “Memo to Non-White Peoples”
o “‘The Jesus’”
o “Dinner Guest: Me”
o “Birmingham Sunday”
What works may be used for discussion?
 Race (Mamet)
 Essays from Walker
o “In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens”
o “Gifts of Power: The Writings of Rebecca
o “Beyond the Peacock: The Reconstruction
of Flannery O’Connor”
o “Breaking the Chains and Encouraging Life”
o “The Civil Rights Movement: What Good
was it?”
What will the commentary extract be like?
 Length: 20 – 30 lines (give or take a few)
o Lines will be numbered (5, 10, 15, etc.)
 Title listed (for whole poems as well as extracts)
 No author listed (you should know this)
 No notes of any kind
 Will be accompanied by one or two guiding
questions – related to content and style
o You are not required to answer the GQ,
but they could be helpful
How long will I have to prepare for the IOC and
 Commentary preparation – 20 minutes
o Ms. Nagel’s office (across from Ms.
 You don’t have to bring anything.
Supplies will be provided.
o Read and annotate (10 minutes)
o Create thesis and outline – use line
numbers from extract to find your place
(color code!) (10 minutes)
 There will be no preparation time for the
discussion. You will not know which work will be
used for your discussion until the discussion itself
What happens during the examination?
 Examination time – 20 minutes
o empty office (beside Ms. Moore’s, diagonal
to Ms. Nagel’s)
o Begin with your name, candidate number,
and exam session (your note card will be
there for you)
o You talk uninterrupted for approximately 8
o I ask follow-up questions for approximately
2 minutes
o I will tell you that we will begin the
o We will discuss (academically) one of the
remaining part two works for
approximately 10 minutes.
What will the discussion entail?
 Expect that you will do most of the talking.
 I will ask a starter question on one of the two
texts and follow-up questions to keep the
discussion going.
How can I study?
 See the IOC handouts given throughout the
course. See the “IOC Study Tools” handout on the
 Review the rubric.
 Review your notes and annotations.
 Review materials on the website.
REMEMBER: if you get flustered and can’t remember what’s next, take a breath and repeat what you just said.