Setting up a Clinical Media Library

Michael A Silva


2010: Re-launch of the BJS website (


Further redevelopments > expand the functionality of the site

Broaden the appeal for a variety of BJS target audiences.


Create a comprehensive media library - clinical systems/taxonomies (user friendly)

Provide a useful and easy to use service to trainee surgeons and teaching staff

High standards and quality of BJS is maintained; rigorous image review system

Make the Clinical Media Library feature in the top 3 pages visited on the site

Increase time spent on this area of the site by 15%

Long term objectives; increase advertising revenue or sponsorship opportunities


Understanding the main target audience

Identifying providers of material/methods of populating CML

Marketing and launch

Short term strategy

Medium term strategy

Long term strategy

User research exercise - to determine and prioritise areas to develop

Web based questionnaire

Focus group discussions

User Research Key Insights

Would an image library be useful?

Yes possibly no

0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%

• Images would be used mainly for teaching and at meetings

• The taxonomy and classifications were considered key for usability

• Be moderated and peer-reviewed

• Concerns; copyright and accreditation for contributing to the library

All types of media concerns; videos may clash other providers eg; WebSurg

Web Statistics (2011)

• The sixth most visited page across the site accounting for 2% of traffic

• Average time spent on the page is 1min 18secs which is 55% higher than the average for the entire website

• Most visitors use the ‘search by content type’ filter

Most users who browse by type choose ‘Images ’









Identifying providers of material

Historical material; Royal Colleges and Hospital/University libraries/archives

Identifying enthusiasts from within the surgical community (BJUI)

Resources of its editorial committee and board of the BJS

Centres of excellence in specific sub-specialities

Ideal Workflow

User submits image and meta data on website

Image is assessed and reviewed

Once approved its published on website

Image is discoverable by taxonomy and search

Image can be downloaded and re-used


Images (single snap shots ; 1-4) & (Series; 12 images)

Videos (Length 3 min and 6 min categories)



• Snap shots

• Procedures

• Radiology

Plan for handling submissions


Terms and conditions

Creative commons licence

Author disclaimer

Image quality

Upload limit

Image submission (only available to those registered with site)

Link on BJS website; ‘submissions to library’

Upload content through a front end website system, asking authors for:


Figure caption

Author name/s (only one person per submission)

Institute affiliation

Taxonomic section


Creative Commons licence (CC) - compulsory

Author Disclaimer - compulsory

‘Peer review’

• Respondents felt all content should be moderated and peer-reviewed

• Not akin to journal peer review

• CML reviewer notified by email of images for review

• Reviewer area in website

Guide; ‘how to get your images published on the BJS CML’

The process of image review (Guidelines; March 2012)

• Uploaded images; scored objectively ; include/exclude

• Sub-speciality CML reviewer (from editorial board) – when required

• Quality check (metadata and appearance) – possibility of automation

• Image published (BJS taxonomy)

The CML image reviewer

• Post exit exam

• Selection

• Tenure

• Bursary

• Number (appoint 2, with 2 on standby – for ASiT competition)

Legal Considerations – Creative Commons Licence

Creative Commons (CC) is a is a non profit organisation

Headquarters in, Mountain View, California, United States

Founded 2001

Devoted to expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share


Legal Considerations – Creative Commons Licence

By making data publicly available, the author retains ownership of images (often not the case with traditional publishing).

All objects are licensed under CC-BY license,

This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon work, even commercially, as long as they credit original author for the original creation.

This is the most accommodating of licenses offered.

Recommended for maximum dissemination and use of licensed materials.

Digital manipulation

Images should follow the FoundView standards for image manipulation

‘The presence of the FoundView standards guarantees that every image submitted depicts the forms and shapes that the camera recorded. Any post- camera shutter manipulations should be limited only to tonal variations and cropping’

Citing the BJS CML in Your Resume/CV

To cite original images published in The BJS CML please use the following format:

Smithson, J. (2012) Images of <image title >. B J Surg; Clin Med Lib

, CML numbers xxxxx, xxxxx, and xxxx.



Caption (limit to 150 characters per snap shot) xxxxx xx

Name Institute Country


Top viewed

Top downloaded


End of March

Submission guidelines

Reviewer guidelines

Competition guidelines/ASiT competition flyer

End April

Select reviewers

Confirm guidelines

ASiT competition flyer

June 2012

ASiT competition

3rd week June

Review competition results

End June competition results

July 2012



Decide sequence of launch

August- Oct 2012 Launch BJS Media library

• Marketing

• Strategy for development / improvement

• Mid term objectives

• Long term objectives

Medium Term

Run marketing campaigns to drive submissions and awareness to current BJS members, ASiT members and other affiliated societies.

Using email, online and print advertising where possible.

Nominate an ‘image of the month’ to be considered as a journal cover image and raise awareness to offline users.

Measure of success

• Traffic to the site

• Number of submissions

• Number of images used for journal covers

Long term

Encourage the BJS Editorial Board to lobby colleagues and esteemed peers to submit/use the Library

Work with third parties to encourage reciprocal linking to the Clinical

Library area of the site specifically

Measure of success

Number of high profile surgeons submitting images within 12 months after launch


Davina Quarterman

Web Publishing Manager | Digital Products & Services

Alison Cherrie

Managing Editor, BJS

Sarah Jeffrey

Marketing Manager Health Sciences Marketing