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Story Board
My name is Ali and I was born and raised in Qatar.
Qatar influences my culture, religion and
language. I was born in 1994 many different kinds
of things have been developed in the economy
and the government of Qatar. However, our
religion, Culture, and language has not been
changed or developed...
Many of these things have come to Qatar with
other people who have been displaced from their
own countries.
When thinking about living in Qatar, people might
say that it’s a hot weathered country; however,
this statement is correct only in summer and its
incorrect when it comes to winter. Therefore,
many people from other countries are visiting
Qatar to watch the visions that are rarely found
around the world, which are the singing dunes.
Story Board
The weather influences my culture in many
different things, such as clothing. When the
weather is hot or cold we wear a cultural clothe
called ‘thobe’, clothing that looks slightly like a
dress. On the other hand, the type of fabric in the
‘thobe’ changes depending on the weather. For
instance, during winter we wear wool. However, in
summer we wear a white ‘thobe’ made out of low
weight fabric.
Our culture was once a desert culture and I find
myself very attracted to the desert. In the desert I
find myself non-strange because I have lived there
all my life and I am used to the weather there.
Mostly when you will go to the desert you will find
it windy and dusty, and many people wear the
“Qutra”, a head wrap of some kind which is
wrapped around the man on the above picture, to
keep themselves protected from the dust and the
Story Board
While I’m in the desert, I hunt with my falcon to
catch pigeons and rabbits for the falcon to eat
them. Also, sometimes when I’m in the desert I
walk around in the desert with the camel,
however no by myself with my cousins and
Because so many people have been displaced from
other countries to Qatar I feel I am caught
between two worlds and the two worlds are the
modern Qatar’s culture of big buildings, shopping
malls, fast cars and cinemas and the Old Qatar
culture, which is the living between the singing
dunes and the desert and moving by camels
instead of cars. I prefer the old Qatar; however I
am part of both, because when I go to the desert I
go using a car not with a camel. I prefer the old
because I have a passion for the desert and the
past, old living.
Story Board
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