Year 13 Induction Powerpoint

Subject Choice
 A special welcome to students who have
transferred to Knock from other schools.
 Mrs Wynne (Head of Upper School) will
see you here in the Hall after the presentations.
Year 13 Curriculum
Compulsory Elements
 4 or 3 AS-level subjects
 Careers
 Religious Education
 Life Issues
 Tutorial
Optional Element
 CoPE (Certificate of Personal Effectiveness)
(see Mrs Rainey)
Options Book
 Subject entry requirements
 Outline of courses
 Career progression
In Sports Hall this morning
Careers Staff
Have you matched the GCSE
criteria for entry in to a subject?
Check the information in your Options Book.
Consult with the relevant Head of Department.
There may be a little flexibility.
If not, select an alternative subject using the
Changing Subject Choices Form.
Academic Criteria
5 GCSE passes, 4 at grade B.
Usually a grade B if subject is to be studied
at AS-level.
Economics: B in Mathematics and English.
Government & Politics: B in English.
Sociology: B in English.
Mathematics: A in Maths or grade C in Add Maths.
Physics: AA in Science Double Award OR
B in Physics + A in Maths OR C in Add Maths.
Have you the right DA Science grades for
A-level Biology, Chemistry or Physics?
Double Award
Science grades
B in Biology
A in Chemistry
A in Physics
Changing Subject Choices
 Subject choices made in February have all been timetabled.
 Limited room for change at this stage.
 High demand: Biology, Mathematics and Business Studies.
 No need to queue up to see me in Room 2Dr1 – simply return
your ‘Changing Subject Choices’ Form to Reception.
Do I need a 4th AS-level?
 Unsure about my
best 3 subjects.
 Keeps your career
options more open.
 A ‘safety net’ if you
find one of your
subjects difficult.
 Are you willing to
work at all 4 subjects?
3 A-levels
3 A-levels
+ 1 AS-levels
A A B + A(AS)
A B B + A(AS)
B B B + B(AS)
B B C + B(AS)
B C C + B(AS)
Examination Issues I
 Friday 6 September: Information on the
November and January re-sits of GCSE
exams becomes available.
 Friday 20 September: Deadline for the
re-mark of a GCSE exam script
(Photocopy is only available with re-mark).
 Friday 4 October: Deadline for request
for original GCSE exam script.
 Friday 11 October: Deadline for entry for
a GCSE re-sit.
Examination Issues II
For Year 13 students, 2013-14:
 AS-level exam papers in May/June 2014.
 A2 exam papers in May/June 2015.
 AS-level re-sit exam papers in May/June 2015.
 AS-level/A2 exam papers are no longer available
in January 2014 or 2015.
 Try to do really well in your AS-level exam papers
at the end of Year 13!
Information and Advice
 Examination Issues
Exams Officer, Mrs Tara Todd at Reception.
 AS-level Choice
Heads of Department and Careers staff in
Sports Hall.
* If you have met the entry criteria there is
no need to see the Head of Department.
 Curriculum/Timetable Issues
Mr P. McCormick in Drama room (2Dr1).