Administrator Evaluation PowerPoint

The New Massachusetts Principal
Natick Public Schools
For 2012 - 2113
Everyone will start on a Self-Directed
Growth Plan.
Superintendent is the Primary
Evaluator and Supervising Evaluator
Ratings of Overall Administrator
 Standard 1: Instructional Leadership
 Standard 2: Management and Operations
 Standard 3: Family and Community Engagement
 Standard 4: Professional Culture
 Attainment of Professional Practice Goal
 Attainment of Student Learning Goal
Year 1
1. The process begins with the Administrator completing
the Self- Assessment using the district's rubric. Due by
September 10th . We must meet by September 15th to
establish the Educator Plan. Come with proposed
2. One goal related to improving the Administrator’s
own professional practice
3. One goal related to improving student learning *not
to be confused with impact on student learning. Two
4. SMART – (Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented,
Rigorous and Tracked)
Sample Goals
- Improve our MCAS Long Composition score average from 13.87 in
2011-2012 (grade 7) to 16.00 (out of 20) in 2012-2013.
Year 1 Continued
 Self-Directed Educator Plan:
- The goals
- Actions needed to obtain goals
- Benchmarks to assess progress
- Meet with Evaluator by September 15th to develop
- Completed and signed by October 1st
Year 1 Continued
 At least one unannounced observation by November 15th
 Examples: Staff meetings, team meetings, classroom visitations,
walkabouts, conferences with students and teachers
 Evaluator will provide written feedback within 3-5 days
Year 1 Continued
 End of Year 1 Formative Evaluation (mid-cycle)
 The Formative Evaluation report provides written feedback and
ratings to the Educator about his/her progress towards attaining
the goals and performance towards the Performance Standards
and overall
 Two weeks the before Formative Assessment is due (June 30) the
Principal shall provide to the Superintendent evidence
Performance Ratings
 Exemplary
 Proficient
 Needs Improvement
 Unsatisfactory
Year 2
 Continued Work on Goals
 Continued Data Collection
 Concludes with Summative Evaluation Report provided by June 1st
 By May 1st the Administrator will provide to the Superintendent
 The Evaluator determines a rating on each standard and
an overall rating based on the Evaluator’s professional
judgment, and evidence
 The professional judgment of the primary evaluator shall
determine the overall summative rating that the
administrator receives.
Summative Evaluation
To be rated Proficient overall, the
administrator shall, at minimum, have
been rated as Proficient on Standard
1:Instrutional Leadership
Next Step
 Your final rating determines what type of Educator Plan you
will begin the the next year with.
 To continue with a Two –Year Self-Directed Growth Plan you
need to obtain an overall rating of proficient, and after 201314 whose impact on student learning is moderate or high.
 You will be on a one-year Self-Directed Growth Plan if the
impact on student learning is low.
 Impact of Student Growth will not start until 13-14
 Student Feedback in Educator Evaluation – 13-14
Thoughts – School Improvement
Requires Strong Leadership
 Data Teams – Results Oriented that leads to flexible grouping
 Goals form Ils/Department Heads
 RTI – Coordinated
 ___ school is characterized by a well-orchestrated and deliberate
system of continuous data collection and analysis that directly
informs a continuously responsive and adaptive system of tired
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