Job Title: Ecommerce Conversion Manager Company: Confidential

Job Title: Ecommerce Conversion Manager
Company: Confidential
Reports To: CEO
Position Primary Objective: Maximize Ecommerce Conversion Rate
Position Summary:
Expanding manufacturer in the ecommerce space seeks an Ecommerce Conversion Manager to
join their rapidly growing team. In this newly created role, we are seeking a professional to
champion website revenue and conversion optimization for key conversion funnels. This role is
accountable for identification of opportunities to drive conversion and to lead requirements,
overall project flow and own results. This candidate will understand the importance of
collaboration, and can distill highly complex issues into easy to understand requirements.
Reporting to the CEO you will be responsible for the planning and execution throughout the
product lifecycle; defining product objectives and expected outcome, gathering and prioritizing
product and customer requirements and working closely with numerous internal teams to ensure
goals are met.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Build conversion funnel tracking data requirements
Provide dashboard and report requirements
Gather qualitative and quantitative Voice of Customer input and clickstream data
Conduct analysis of VOC data and clickstream data
Quantify and prioritize improvement recommendations
Lead improvement test initiatives by managing project plan and leading collaborative
sessions with Marketing Team to develop flows, visuals & layouts for site improvements
Recommend non-site specific improvements to other functional continuous improvement
Conduct user review sessions for the mock-ups with Marketing team and management for
Design and conduct MTV and A/B tests
Report on results
Project manage entire plan from test to sitewide improvement implementation
Ensure gains from tests and improvements are controlled and retained
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
A Bachelors degree in Marketing, Business or Statistics, Masters degree preferred.
Advanced knowledge of statistical testing process and procedures and DOE
Demonstrated track record of success leading marketing experiments
Advanced experience with Google Analytics and Adwords
Experience in SAS and Microstrategy
Proven track record of presenting insights to senior management
Excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills
Strong ability to deliver quality work with aggressive timelines & good understanding of
Web Standards
Experienced working with technology analysts and architects
Good problem solving skills and learning attitude
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