New Graduate Chiropractor and/or Functional Neurologist and/or

New Graduate Chiropractor and/or Functional Neurologist and/or Sports Chiropractor
Do you want an opportunity for something different in a unique General and Specialty Chiropractic Practice?
Bergamo Health is a multidisciplinary neuroplastic organization offering Chiropractic, Functional NeuroRehabilitation, Paediatric Chiropractic, Nutrition, Myotherapy and Remedial Massage.
This is what our current associate Dr Reta Suliman has to say:
“As a new RMIT graduate of two years, this is what I have learnt working at the clinic… public speaking,
case management skills, intra collaboration with our in house practitioners and others disciplines
outside, post graduate Paediatric training liasing with paediatric expert Dr Paul Chamberlain every 6
weeks and watching the specialties of Neuro-Rehabilitation managing stroke, brain trauma, tremor
patients. It has been massive personal development. I have really grown as a chiropractor”
r Paul Bergamo, as owner, can offer much as a mentor. He transcends many different chiropractic
domains including; Vice President of CAA Victoria, Chairs Nutrition and Supplementation Clinical
Interest Group for CAAN, RMIT Lecturer of Nutrition, just completed his Neurology Diplomat exams
and founder of BACKchat podcasts. Paul was awarded , in October, the meritorious award for dedicated
services to the Chiropractic profession by the CAA National.
The centre use a paperless system with Dr Stephen Sexton’s Visitbase with every practitioner using iPads . We
incorporate testing procedures including QEEG, Quantitative Posturography and Foot levelers. A team mtg is
held on the second Monday of the month from 12 to 2.30pm, which includes an operational hour, and a
Professional Development hour where we have in house updates or external presenters speak eg Metagenics
What qualities are we looking for?
Team player who connects with people
Excellent with technology
If new graduate, must want to learn and understand a strong work ethic
If Functional Neurologist, must have completed at least 12 modules of Carrick series. You
would join in our development of our Vestibular Rehabilitation subspecialty.
If Sports Chiropractic, must have completed ICSSD or ICCSP qualifications.
For any questions, please call Paul on 0409 791 492, check our website: or email
an application and resume to
October 21, 2015