U.S. Government Final Review Directions: Complete on a separate

U.S. Government Final Review
Directions: Complete on a separate sheet of paper
1. Explain the differences between Locke and Hobbes
2. Define Oligarchy, Autocracy, Dictatorship, and democracy
3. Define a Direct Democracy…
4. Define Representative Democracy
5. Explain the differences between socialism and communism
6. What is the purpose of Government?
7. What is social contract theory? Who developed this theory?
8. What contribution does Voltaire philosophies make to the U.S constitution
9. What is included in the Preamble of the constitution?
10. What are the ways that the government contributes to improving communities? (at
least 6 examples)
11. Summarize Article one of the constitution
12. Summarize Article two of the Constitution
13. Summarize Article three of the Constitution
14. What are the six basic principles of the Constitution
15. List the Bill of Rights
16. What is a bicameral system? How does it work in the United States?
17. List at least five powers of Congress (listed in Constitution)
18. List and describe how a bill becomes a law. Know the Classical Model, Large Leap
Theory, Coalition Theory, Policy Windows Theory, Grassroots Theory
19. Who can be in the House of Representatives and who can serve in the Senate?
20. Who are the Current Senators for Colorado?
21. Which Colorado Representative serves the Elizabeth?
22. What is the purpose of the executive branch?
23. What is a department?
24. How many departments are there?
25. What is the title given to the head of a department? Describe the process of becoming
a department head
26. What is the name of the department leader for the Department of Justice? Department
of Defense? Secretary of State? US Treasury?
27. What are the president’s formal powers?
28. What are the informal powers?
29. Name the two types of courts…
30. How are Criminal and Civil Cases different?
31. What are the three types of trials?
32. What does a trial court do?
33. What three things can the Court of Appeals do?
34. How many judges in a trial court? Court of Appeals?
35. How many justices serve on the Supreme Court?
36. What does it mean if the Supreme Court strikes a law down?
37. What is Judicial Review
38. Explain Marbury vs. Madison
39. Explain Roe vs. Wade
40. Explain Brown vs. Board of Education
41. Explain Gibbons vs. Ogden
42. What is a lawsuit?
43. What does precedent mean?
44. What are the three categories of crimes?
45. What are Civil Laws?
46. What is the difference between Plaintiff and Defendant?
47. What is juvenile justice?
48. What is federalism? What is layer Cake federalism? What is marble cake federalism
49. What does the Supremacy clause do?
50. What are expressed powers?
51. What are implied powers?
52. What the importance of the Necessary and Proper Clause?
53. What are political parties?
54. What are the five roles of political parties?
55. What are the three different political party systems?
56. What kind of Political party system does the United States use?
57. What is the popular vote?
58. What is the Electoral College? What role does the Electoral College play? How many
electoral votes does Colorado have? Which state has the most electoral votes?
59. What is absolute majority?