Imperialism in many different countries partner worksheet with

Social Studies 9
Mrs. Rebecca
Directions: Work with your partner to fill in the details for your assigned country or countries and then
exchange information with each group to fill in the entire table below:
Bad things happening in the
region that made people want
U.S.A. (pp350-354)
India (pp400-401; p443)
Taxation without
representation (tea tax,
stamp act…)
No public voice in
Quartering soldiers
Salt Tax
British businesses hurt
Indian business
British disrespectful of
Indian culture and
religion (eating pork in
the military)
Loss of Indian culture
(Indians wear British
clothes, speak English)
No voice in government
at first
Haiti (p361)
Unfair treatment of
people in Haiti by the
Some Haitian people
were slaves
Spain stole lad from
people in Mexico
Declaration of
Boston Tea Party
The American
Revolutionary War
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
-Muhammad Ali Jinnah
-Salt March
-Boycotts of British goods
-Indian Independence
Mexico (p362)
Important events/people that
led to independence
was a slave who led a
fight for Independence
from France
-Father Miguel Hidalgo led a
fight for independence
-Native Americans and mestizos
fought for the return of their
land and to end slavery. They
won in 1821.
Brazil (p362)
-Portugal controlled Brazil and
the King of Portugal moved to
Brazil to run away from
-Later, the king of Portugal left
Brazil and went back to Portugal
and left his son, Don Pedro, in
charge of Brazil.
-Don Pedro peacefully gave
independence to Brazil.
-Don Pedro
-Independent on Sept 7, 1822
Other S. American countries
-Jose de San Martin led creoles
to fight in independence
movements in Argentina, Chile
because of unfair conditions for
-Simon Bolivar freed Colombia,
Venezuela, Ecuador, and
Panama, and Peru.
-Jose de San Martin
-Simon Bolivar
N. Africa (p484)
-N.Africans used guerilla war to
fight the weak French who had
been fighting in S.E. Asia.
-War of Independence in Algeria
-France gave independence to
Tunesia and Morocco.
-Algeria had to fight a war for
independence and won in 1962.
-Tunesia and Morocco.
-Algeria had to fight a war for
independence and won in 1962.
Kenya (pp484-485)
-Kikuyu people were treated
poorly in Kenya
-Group of Kikuyu called
themselves the Mau Mau and
fought the Europeans so they
would leave
-100 Europeans died and over
10,000 Mau Mau died.
-Kikuyu was given independence
in 1963.
Mau Mau
Kwame Nkrumah (Ganha)
Congo (pp485-486)
-Beligians left the Congo in 1960
but people there didn’t know
how to run a country.
Mobutu Sese Seko
Democratice Republic of
-Civil War
-The UN and Belgium came to
end the war and the Congolese
army took over and united the
the Congo