Research Technologies at Indiana University – Brown Bag Series

Research Technologies at
Indiana University – Brown
Bag Series Presentation
Craig Stewart
[email protected]
Associate Dean, Research Technologies
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Audience, Services & Philosophy
• Provide cyberinfrastructure to support
research at Indiana University
• Engage with national research community
• Indiana Economic Development Corp.
• Computing, storage, software, consulting,
visualization, domain expertise, data
management, workflow, usability…
• …enabling a philosophy of abundance…
• Working with clients and collaborators
Research Technologies Systems
Photos © Tayagen Miller.
May not be reused without permnission
Computing Systems
• Big Red [TeraGrid System, 25% Purdue]
40 TFLOPS IBM JS21 SuSE Cluster
(1024) 2.5 GHz PPC 970MP blades
8GB & 4 cores per blade
Myrinet 2000
LoadLeveler v3.4 & Moab
• Quarry [Local Usage]
(112) 2.0 GHz Intel Xeon 5335 blades
8GB & 8 cores per blade
Gigabit Ethernet Only
PBS (Torque) & Moab
Computing Systems
• Libra
1.5 TFLOPS IBM JS20 AIX Cluster
(42) 2-way 2.3 GHz PPC 970 4GB blades
(1) 32-way 1.3 GHz 192GB p690
(9) 8-way 1.9 GHz 16-64GB p575
LoadLeveler & Moab
• AVIDD [retired]
(208) 2.4 GHz Pentium4 Xeon nodes
2.5GB & 2 cores per blade
Myrinet 2000
PBS (PBS Pro) & Moab
High Performance Storage
• Massive Data Storage System [HPSS]
1.6 PB Geographically Distributed Tape Archive
165 TB Disk Cache (DDN Storage)
HPSS v6.2
• Big Red GPFS
266 TB IBM GPFS File System
1 GB/s aggregate write
(8) S2A9500 DDN Controllers
(16) IBM p505 Storage Servers
High Performance Storage
• Research File System
• 50 TB OpenAFS System
• Native AFS Clients, SFTP, RFSWeb
• Data Capacitor
535 TB Lustre File System
14.5 GB/s aggregate write
(12) S2A9500 Data Direct Networks Controllers
(24) Dell 2950 OSS Servers (w/Myricom 10G)
High Performance Networks
• IU Global NOC -
• Internet2, National LambdaRail, TransPAC2, CIC OmniPOP,
Indiana GigaPOP
• I-Light Fiber Optic Network -
• State Funded 1999 & Expanded in 2006
• 36 Fibers connecting IUPUI & IUB
• 24 Fibers connecting IUPUI & Purdue
• Force10 Research Backplane
• Two E1200 switch connecting IUPUI & IUB at 40Gb
• 3 additional E600 switches
High Performance Applications
• Support users of IU's HPC systems
• Researchers at IU and TeraGrid users
• Migrate applications to HPC systems
• Installation and configuration
• Optimization for the target architecture
• Performance analysis
• Profiling and tracing of serial and parallel codes
• Extended Consulting
• Advanced support through TeraGrid
• In depth collaborations with scientists at IU
LEAD portal
Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL)
• Started in 1997 with IU’s VR initiative
• Consulting, development, hardware & software, EOT…
• Support research in a broad range of arts and sciences
AVL Services
• Central facilities: VR Theater and Ultra-high-resolution
display wall (IUPUI), Lindley Hall 120 (IUB)
• On-site and re-deployable mid-range systems: John-eBoxes/3DTVs, tracking systems, haptics, other
projector and large-screen displays
• Software support: commercial tools, open source,
custom-developed applications and modules
• Short-term consultations: facilities use & support,
software help
• Long-term consultations/projects: coding, content
• K-12 and community outreach + public relations
AVL – Sampling of Recent Projects
• VR Realistic Lighting Simulation – Jan Cowan, Design Studies, IUPUI
• Pathview information visualization tool – Scott Long, Sociology, IUB
• Illuminated Diagram display for traveling exhibit on mapping science
– Katy Borner, SLIS, IUB
• Stereo display and tracking system – Jake Streepey, Kinesiology,
• 3D Color Printing – Nicole Jacquard, Sculpture and Malcolm Smith,
Ceramics, IUB
• Temporal volume reconstruction from radiovideographs
(“BirdsWords”) – Rod Suthers, Medical Sciences, IUB
• Virtual moon rocks display – Brownsburg (IN) Challenger Center –
community outreach
• Haptics tool for testing and training for Developmental Coordination
Disorder – Geoff Bingham, Psychology, IUB
Digital Library Program Services
• Project Planning including selection guidelines, grantwriting, financial planning and copyright consulting
• Digitization Services for digitization of images, audio
and video
• Electronic Text Services for digitization and encoding
of text
• Metadata Services for help with creation and mapping
of metadata
• Interface Design & Usability Services for wire
framing, prototyping, design and usability assessment
The Chymistry of Isaac Newton
With the support of the National Science Foundation and the National
Endowment for the Humanities, The Chymistry of Isaac Newton is producing a
scholarly online edition as one part of an integrated project that includes new
research on Newton's chymistry. Currently, the project focus is to build a
repository of searchable transcriptions with page images. Our ultimate goal is
to provide complete annotations for each manuscript and comprehensive
interactive tools for working with the texts. To date, about seven hundred
pages have been transcribed and encoded in TEI/XML. Of these, roughly six
hundred have been edited and are available online, including Newton's Most
Complete Laboratory Notebook.
Institute for Digital Arts &
Humanities (IDAH)
• OVPR initiative begun in 2007
• led by Dr. Ruth Stone
• links a network of disciplinary experts and highly
technical faculty and support staff who work in
interdisciplinary teams on collection-building, toolbuilding, and methods for study and analysis of
• Goal: to redefine research and scholarship in the
arts and humanities on the IU Bloomington
Stat and Math Software
• Most heavily used service within RT
• 30+ software packages supported
• Matlab, R, SAS, SPSS, Maple…
• Consulting services, custom tutorials
• Data Management Services
• Linux, AIX, Windows, Macintosh
GIS Enterprise Services
Archives large geospatial datasets ~ 14 TB
Enterprise Oracle geodatabase (ArcSDE) 4.45 TB
Map publishing services (ArcIMS)
Supports IndianaMap Project
RT Programs in Life Sciences
• First domain-specific support group in RT
• Support Bloomington/IUPUI/IUSM
• Advanced Information Technology Core
AITC - formal IUSM “Core” facility
• Gateway to all RT services; research data
storage, supercomputers, visualization,
and biomedical applications
Recent AITC Success Stories
• 100x speed up in drug discovery research (Dr.
Samy Meroueh, CCBB)
• 25x speed up in post-acquisition image
processing of 3D PET scans (Dr. Gary
Hutchins, Radiology)
• Center for Translational Sciences Institute
(CTSI) Hub project (
• HIPAA Compliance (soon!)
Grid Projects
• Open Science Grid
• IU provides central operations center function
for the Open Science Grid
• DOE & NSF funding, primary audience high
energy physics
• TeraGrid
• IU is one of 11 resource providers to the NSFfunded TeraGrid
• TeraGrid now provides more than 1 petaflop
of aggregate computing power
The Future of RT
• Grids? Clouds?
• Virtualization, commoditization, performance
• Multicore Processors, Cells, GPUs?
• Teraflop on a single chip
• Workflow and Data Movement
• Complexity Hiding Interfaces
• When HPC becomes commodity…
Some Survey Results
• Can you move stat/math online so I don't need to walk to their
offices to buy software
• I did not appreciate being harassed to take this survey.
• need faster, friendlier MDSS for research storage.
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