Year 9 Humanities

Intro task
1) On a blank sheet of paper, without looking at
anyone else or discussing, try and draw a map
of the world.
Work in pairs and try to find…
Using the contents page (at the front) and the index
pages (at the back) find the following maps and write
down the page numbers on your lined paper.
1) North Ireland 4) South America
2) Oceania
5) The Middle East Oil and Water
3) France
6) The world: agriculture
7) Eastern Europe and Turkey 8) Northern Scotland
A little harder…
Find out the following information using the contents
and index page. Next to your answers write the page
number in which you found the information
9) Which two countries are closest to Malaysia?
10) Which three bodies of water surround Scotland?
11) What is the total population of Peru?
12) What is the Gross National Income of Malaysia?
Even harder!
13) How many hours ahead of GMT (Grenwich Mean Time) is
14) What is Asia’s busiest airport?
15) Which 3 countries border Sweden?
16) Name 5 Asian cities with a population greater than 10
17) What is the capital of Tanzania?
18) Where in the world is it difficult to find access to safe
drinking water?
Warm up!
You have 5 minutes to fill in the names of as
many countries in Asia as you can on the blank
map you have been given.
Good luck!
On your whiteboards…
Make a list of 10 key words that you would
associate with Malaysia. You will have to justify
why you have chosen them.
Your time to shine…
Use the atlas to learn as many different things as
you can about Malaysia. As you have found
atlases contain huge amounts of information
about different places in the world. You can
discuss everything from;
Population to major cities, tourism, water supply,
surrounding bodies of water and much much
more! Write the answers up in your notebooks.