Beynəlxalq İqtisadiyyat Məktəb İqtisadiyyata qiriş 1.explain the role

Beynəlxalq İqtisadiyyat Məktəb
İqtisadiyyata qiriş
1.explain the role of the cost in production process
2.Types of the cost:fixed cost,variable cost
3.Compare marginal cost and average cost
4.What is a between marginal cost and total cost
5.Why we say marginal cost is indicator of the production process
6.Draw of the graphs:t cost,fixed cost,variable cost
8.what is the best level of output(definition and explain)
9.what is break-even point
10.explain all cost in short-run
11.explain all cost in long-run
12.draw elasticity in 3 graph
13.explain the difference
14.what is a budget
15.the role of budget in Macroeconomy
16.draw the elasticity in one graph
17.the role of the budget in Microeconomy
18.types of the market
19.what is a monopoly
20.what oliqopoly
21.what is perfect competition
22.what is the monopolist competition monopoly with oliqopoly perfect competition firm with the monopolistic firm
25.pros and cons of all markets types
26.marginal and average costs
27.the cost curves
28.cost formulas
29.different measures of cost
30.production function
31.a short-run production function and costs
32.short-run versus long-run an economist views a firm an accountant views a firm
35.explain the elasticity
36.opportunity cost
37.economic versus accounting costs
38.price elasticity of demand elastic situation
40.income elasticity
41.the determinant of demand elasticity
42.perfect competitive market demand is the sum of individual demands of demand
45.shifts in demand curve
46.substitution effect supply and individual supply of supply
49.shifts in supply curve :what causes them
50.equilibrium of supply and demand
51.definition of Macroeconomics
52.definition of Microeconomics
53.definiton of GDP
54.explain the types of GDP
55.what is the productivity
56.explain the formula of GDP
57.what is the consumption
58.what is the investment
59.what is the government purchases
60.what is import
61.what is export
62.what is the inflation
63. what is unemployment
64.what is the economic growth does economy work
66.what is the deficit
67.what is the surplus
68.the role of government in economy
69.the role of financial structures in the economy
70.the role of central bank in the economy
71.what is the consumption function
72.what is the marginal propensity of consume
73.what is saving
74.explain the simple Keynesian model
75.explain the Classical theory