Beaker 100 mL modified

Beaker 100 mL modified
The 100-ml plastic tripour
beaker has been modified
with a hole punched at the
100 ml level. A student can
dip the beaker into a larger
container of water and let the
excess drip back to get an
accurate 100-ml
Beaker 1000 mL modified
The 1000-ml (1 liter)
plastic tripour beaker has
been modified with slot
punched at the 1000 ml
level. A student can fill the
beaker to the brim and
allow the excess to drip
into another container or
tray to obtain an accurate
1000-ml measurement.
Syringe, 50 mL with stop
The 50-ml syringe has been modified with a metal stop
so that when the plunger is pulled all the way to the stop,
exactly 50 ml of liquid has been measured. By pushing
down on the plunger from the 50-ml position until the
notch in the middle of the plunger reaches the top of the
plunger, 25 ml of liquid is measured.
Syringe, 50 mL modified for acid test
This syringe was specifically developed. Note the
differences between this syringe and the 50-ml syringe
with stop. This plunger in this syringe is removable.
There are also measurement notches on the plunger to
assist students in determining how much gas was
created by an acid and baking soda reaction. The top
notch allows students to accurately measure 5 ml of
Volume Tube
Students investigate how much
gas is created by the interaction of
yeast with several different foods,
including animal crackers. The
volume tube is used to measure
the volume of gas.
Funnel Stand
The SAVI/SELPH funnel stand provides a stable tool for
all students to use. The three wooden legs are
removable, and the plastic funnel is easily cleaned.
Liquid measure in milliliters
This 50-ml graduate includes a tactile
floating scale for use by students with
visual impairments. The cylinder is
used with the 50-ml syringe to measure
small volumes of liquid. Students add
liquid to the cylinder, and the float is
dropped in. By pinching the scale at the
spot where the scale intersects the
cylinder rim, pulling out the scale, and
then counting down from the top notch
(0 mark) to the pinch spot, students
can measure liquid volume to the
nearest 2 ml.
Histogram Board
This tactile histogram board allows students to use
rubber dots to record numbers of items. The board can
be used by visually-impaired students for other mathrelated activities.
Tactile Thermometers
The SAVI/SELPH thermometer includes both a Braille
and large print scale for measuring temperature in
degrees Celsius. The thermometer can be calibrated.
Tabs are included along the rim to mark temperatures for
APH Thermometer
p.60 1-03020-00$53
Allows students to independently
read, set, and compare
A two-textured, two-colored adjustable
“mercury column” with an easy-grip
tactile indicator
Comparable Fahrenheit and Celsius
scales presented in both large print and
Tactile degree markings every 5 and 10
Sense of Science: Plants
p.58 1-08980-00$165
Sense of Science: Plants is the first module of a planned
science series for visually impaired students in grades K-3, and
for other students who may benefit from a multi-sensory
approach to learning.
A large print guidebook (Braille edition
available separately) with activities to teach
basic plant concepts. Activities use real
objects and the included colorful, raised-line
Overlays include bean seed cross-section,
flower, leaf, tree, etc. Use with the optional
APH Light Box or Mini-Lite Box, or stand alone.
Two accompanying trays designed to fit under a light box ledge and
provide a secure working area for the overlays.
Sense of Science: Animals
p.59 1-08990-00$276
Animals is the second module in this tactile/visual “hands-on”
series. Activities incorporate a learning objective, a list of
vocabulary and needed materials, an initial inquiry, a step-bystep procedure, an extended activity, a visual adaptation, math
and language connections, and a “science tidbit.” Activities are
also provided using the accompanying overlays.
A large print guidebook (Braille edition available
separately) with easy-to-follow activities, a
glossary, list of resources, and bibliography of
related children’s books.
A variety of visual and tactile overlays, such as
ant, bird, fish, life cycle of a frog, etc. that can be
used alone or with the optional APH Light Box or Mini-Lite Box.
Two trays designed to slip snugly under a light box ledge and
provide a secure working area for using the overlays.
Basic Science Tactile Graphics
p.60 1-08850-00$72
Basic Science Tactile Graphics are vacuum-formed raised-line
drawings depicting objects, concepts, and relationships that are
covered in nearly all elementary science textbooks. They are
intended to supplement, not replace, the graphics in a student’s
adapted textbook. Instructional hints and suggestions are given for
each tactile drawing. Includes 52 graphics, such as: Insect, Blood
Flow from Artery to Vein, Sound Frequencies, Volcano Formation
(Cutaway View), Water Molecule, and Forces Acting on Airplane in
Basic Tactile Anatomy Atlas
p.62 1-08845-00$128
This two-volume set of thermoformed tactile graphics
gives a comprehensive overview of the body. Includes
the skeletal, muscular, nervous, and endocrine,
cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary,
and reproductive systems. Each tactual diagram has
Braille and print labels accompanied by a brief Braille
description. A print version of each
Brailled text is contained in the included
Instructional Text.
Braille Periodic Table
p.62 5-08855-00$20
Large Print Periodic Table p.62 7-08855-00$19
This frequently requested
reference item is now available in
a durable and colorful print/Braille
version. The chart comes with a
reference booklet in print and in
Braille (also available separately)
that contains additional tables
listing the elements by name,
atomic number, electron
configurations, etc. Measures
approximately 22 1/2 x 13 inches.
Scientific Talking Calculator TI-36X
This calculator has identical functions to the popular Texas
Instruments® TI-36X calculator:
Ideal for all students – junior high through college, algebra I through
calculus and applied mathematics such as engineering
Over 127 scientific functions, including 1 & 2 variable statistics,
trigonometry, and unit conversion
High-quality speech. Keys speak when pressed, display can be
spoken at any time, speech can be turned off
Unique key-learning mode without interrupting
current operation
Large, tactile, functionally zoned keys
Rechargeable battery, over six hours of
continuous operation, auto-shutoff.
Earphone and Power adapter
One year limited warranty
Large Print VI-SAB-LE or Sci-Pod 200 (no speech)
756601 $279.95
VI-SAB-LE or Sci-Plus 300 (with speech)
756206 $325
This is the only large display scientific calculator that
also talks. Using it, the student can perform scientific,
statistical and trigonometric calculations with voice
prompts. Measures 9 x 6 x 1.3 inches and weighs
only 14 ounces. Its high contrast LCD display has
enlarged, proportional numbers (0.9 inch x 0.6 inch).
The keypad has enlarged, highly visible keys (0.7
inch) with positive activation and color differentiated
operation keys. A universal charger charges the long
life lithium-ion battery (INC). Comes with earbuds,
and a large print manual.
Dot Marker Collection
Here's an assortment of adhesive dots to meet
every marking need. Transcribers, teachers,
students, and parents can now mark anything
from maps to appliances. Often individuals who
are visually impaired have very different
preferences when it comes to dot markers. An
individual may want a large dot marker on a
microwave and prefer a Braille-sized dot on a
computer keyboard or vice versa. Can be used
for math graphs or charts. Comes in a wide
variety of sizes, shapes, and textures. Each set
includes dots having seven different textures in
sizes ranging from the size of a Braille dot to
11/16". Included are cork, felt, clear vinyl, velour,
spongy, transparent dome-shaped, and our
Braille-sized clear Locator Dots™ for a total of
386 dots. Includes a list of suggested uses for
these markers.
Graph Paper
p.124 $10/pkg.
Bold-line graph sheets have thick unit lines and thinner
sub-unit lines. 100-pack. Embossed graph sheets have
Braille dot grids on manila paper. Embossed graph
sheets and progress charts have 50-pack.
Tactile Dice
These large (.75 x .75 inches) dice have black tactile
dots on a white background