Social Structure reading questions

Chapter 3, Section 1: Social Structure
Use pages 54-57 to complete the following questions.
1. Define social structure.
2. Define status.
3. Define role.
4. What is the difference between an ascribed status and an achieved status?
5. What is a master status? Give 3 examples of master status that you may have
throughout your lifetime.
6. Ralph Linton says you _______________________________ a status, but
_____________________________ a role.
7. What are reciprocal roles? Give 2 examples.
8. What is the difference between role expectations and role performance.
9. What is a role set?
10. What is the difference between role conflict and role strain? Give 1 example of each.
11. Define role exit. Give an example.
12. What is a social institution? List basic needs of society that a social institution would