Topic 1 Biology: Exploring Life Student Objectives . Themes in the

Topic 1
Biology: Exploring Life
Student Objectives
Themes in the Study of Biology
Describe the levels of biological organization from molecules to the biosphere, noting the
interrelationships between levels.
Compare the flow of chemical nutrients and the flow of energy in an ecosystem.
Explain how cells function as the structural and functional units of life. Compare
prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
Define the principle of emergent properties and describe an example of it.
Evolution, the Core Theme of Biology
Explain how DNA encodes a cell’s information.
List seven properties that are common to all life.
Compare the three domains of life. Distinguish between the three multicellular kingdoms
within Eukarya.
Describe the process and products of natural selection. Explain why individuals cannot
The Process of Science
Describe the goals and limits of scientific investigations. Compare discovery science and
hypothesis-based science.
Define a hypothesis and compare inductive and deductive reasoning.
Explain how deductive reasoning is part of hypothesis-based science.
Describe the structure of a controlled experiment and give an example.
Biology and Everyday Life
Compare the goals of science and technology. Explain why an understanding of science
is essential to our lives.
Explain how evolution impacts the lives of all humans.
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