M2D3 am

Opportunity Identification and
Sub-arctic Survival:
A Team Development Exercise
Part 1
• Today you will be introduced to a real-life
• You will be given all of the information
regarding the situation as it occurred
• You will then be challenged , first individually,
and then as a team, to help your team
The Challenge
• Video clip
The Challenge
• The Challenge: details
– Open the booklet ‘Subarctic Survival Situation’
participant’s booklet
– Read the first 2 inside pages: Map of Crash Site,
and The Subarctic Situation
– When you are finished reading, please stand up
The Challenge
– Turn to the page : The Challenge
– Read through the instructions
– AS INDIVIDUALS, Complete Step 1 on the next
page. You will have 15 minutes to complete the
The Challenge
• Part 2: The Team challenge
– Read the instructions to Part 2
– As a team, discuss your individual answers, then
begin to write in the team’s Consensus answers
• Consensus means that when you have 2 or more
opinions, you agree to come to one answer. You may
not like the team’s answer, but you can live with it
The Challenge
• Part 2, continued
• If you don’t finish in class, you may take up to the
difference between 45 minutes total, and the
amount of time used in class. PLEASE DON”T EXCEED
THE TOTAL TIME combined in class and in evening