Quiz Questions

1. What language was The Metamorphasis first written in?
a. German
2. Who wrote the Metamorphasis?
a. Franz Kafka
3. What genre is the Metamorphasis?
a. short story/novella
4. Gregor Samsa is a(n):
a. traveling salesman
5. Gregor seems to be most attached to which object in his room?
a. a framed clipping from a magazine
6. How is Gregor transformed into an insect?
a. no one seems to know or really care
7. Gregor's absence from work looks suspicious because
a. he has never been out sick from work
8. When Gregor doesn't come to work, he gets a visit from
a. his chief clerk
9. Gregor is unable to communicate with his family and the clerk because
a. his voice is no longer human
10. Gregor decides that he has to stop the chief clerk from leaving because
a. if the chief clerk leaves before he is calmed down, this will jeopardize Gregor's career
11. Which of the following does not bother Gregor about his job:
a. the salary is too small
12. Gregor does not at any point consider that he is experiencing
a. a drastic change in physiology
13. What did Gregor's father normally do at breakfast before the metamorphosis?
a. read newspapers for hours
14. Gregor is alienated from which of the following?
a. all of the above
15. In the family living room there is a photograph of Gregor in what circumstances?
a. wearing his military uniform
16. When Gregor emerges from his room for the first time after his metamorphosis, the only person
to retain their composure is
a. Gregor
17. Once the Chief Clerk has left, Gregor's father
a. picks up a stick to drive Gregor back into his room
18. 15. Gregor's sister does not do the following at any time after his metamorphosis
a. tell him about recent events
19. Gregor makes each of the following sacrifices for the sake of his family except
a. attempt to leave the apartment so they wouldn't have to deal with him
20. Grete demonstrates her detachment from Gregor by doing all of these except
a. covering him with a sheet so she won't have to see him
21. After Gregor's metamorphosis, the cook
a. begs to be dismissed
22. Each of the following contributes to Gregor's isolation except
a. the family leaves him alone in the apartment as often as possible
23. After his metamorphosis, Gregor decides that he should lie low because
a. he doesn't want to inconvenience his family
24. Gregor discovers that his family has a good amount of money saved from
a. both his father's collapsed business and whatever they did not spend of Gregor's salary
25. After the initial thrill of Gregor's earnings had worn off, he had remained intimate only with
a. his sister
26. Gregor recalls that on Christmas, he was planning to
a. announce that he would pay for his sister to study at the Conservatory
b. Where does all of the action of the story take place?
c. The family’s apartment
27. What kind of creature has Gregor become?
a. An unspecified bug (Monstrous Vermin)
28. What does the picture on Gregor’s wall depict?
a. A woman in furs
29. Why has Gregor stayed in his job?
a. His parents owe his employer money.
30. What does the office manager accuse Gregor of?
a. Shoddy work and possibly theft
31. Why does it take Gregor so long to answer the door when the office manager arrives?
a. He has trouble maneuvering his body.
32. How does the office manager react when he sees Gregor?
a. He flees the apartment.
33. How does Gregor react to the milk and bread in his rooom?
a. He hates it.
34. Where does Gregor feel most comfortable?
a. Under the sofa
35. How does the mother react when she sees Gregor?
a. She passes out.
36. Who is Gregor’s primary caretaker?
a. Grete
37. What was Gregor’s dream for Grete?
a. To send her to music school
38. How does Gregor feel when he learns that the family will need to work?
a. Guilty and ashamed
39. What does Gregor do to spare Grete’s feelings when she is in his room?
a. Hides behind a sheet
40. Why does Grete want to remove Gregor’s furniture from his room?
a. To give Gregor more space
41. What does Gregor try to prevent from being taken from his room?
a. A picture
42. Why doesn’t Grete want others to help her take care of Gregor?
a. She likes being the only one to do so.
43. How does the father react when he thinks Gregor attacked the mother?
a. He chases Gregor and throws fruit at him.
44. What serious injury does Gregor sustain?
a. The father throws apples at Gregor, and one of them sinks into a sensitive spot in his
back and remains lodged there, paralyzing his movements for a month and damaging it
45. Who takes care of Gregor when Grete begins to lose interest?
a. The cleaning lady
46. What small concession does the family make to Gregor after the father injures him?
a. They leave his door open occasionally.
47. How does Gregor react when he hears Grete’s violin?
a. He crawls toward her in the parlor.
48. How does Gregor die?
a. He lies down in exhaustion and dies.
49. How does the family feel after Gregor dies?
a. Relieved and happy
Who wrote the book Maus
a. Art Speigelman
What was the first graphic novel to win a Pulitzer Prize?
a. Maus
. How does the elder Vladek exercise?
a. Stationary bicycle
In what city did Vladek live before he met Anja?
a. Czestochowa
Who introduces Vladek to Anja?
a. His cousin
What is Vladek's business before he meets Anja?
a. Textiles
How does Lucia get revenge on Vladek when she hears of his engagement?
a. She writes an incriminating letter to Anja
To whom does Anja give Communist documents for hiding?
a. Her neighbor
What does Anja's father give to Vladek to assist with his career?
a. A textile factory
In what country is the sanitarium to which Anja is brought after she becomes
a. Czechoslovakia
When Vladek and Anja return from the sanitarium, what has happened to their
a. It has been robbed
At what age did Vladek first go into the army?
a. 21
What did Vladek's father do to try and prevent his joining the army?
a. Intentionally starved him
How many Germans does Vladek kill in the one battle he fights?
a. 1
. What does Vladek eventually do to the soldier he kills?
a. Buries him
What stands out about Vladek's hands when they are examined by a German
a. They are very delicate
What does Vladek do every morning at the P.O.W. camp?
a. Takes a bath in a nearby river
What game do the P.O.W.s play at the camp?
a. Chess
At the P.O.W. camp, who visits Vladek in a dream?
a. His grandfather
. In Vladek's dream at the P.O.W. camp, on what day will he be released?
a. Parshas Truma
. To what city is Vladek brought when he is first released from the German
P.O.W. camp?
a. Lublin
. What happened to the previous group of prisoners released from the P.O.W.
a. They were shot
Who claims Vladek as a cousin to guarantee his release at Lublin?
a. Orbach
What does Vladek see has happened to his father when he returns from the
P.O.W. camp?
a. The Germans have cut off his beard
What does Vladek do to Art's coat?
a. He throws it away
What chore does Vladek ask Art to help him with on his third visit to Rego Park?
a. Fix a drain pipe on the roof
When Vladek returns to Sosnowiec from the P.O.W. camp, how many people are
living in Anja's father's house?
a. 12
In the book Maus, Jewish people are represented as
a. Mice
In the book Maus, Nazis are represented as
a. Cats
Vladek resided in what town of New York when Art was interviewing him for the
a. Rego Park
What was Vladek's business he owned before he was taken to Auschwitz?
a. textile factory
Anja, Vladek's wife, was imprisoned in which part of Auschwitz?
a. Auschwitz-Birkenau
The name of Vladek and Anja's first son is what?
a. Richieu
What was Anja's maiden name?
a. Zylberberg
What is the name of the Polish town Auschwitz is located in?
a. Oswiecim
What genre is White Man’s Burden by Rudyard Kipling?
. According to Kipling, and in your own words, what was the “White
Man’s Burden”?
2. What reward did Kipling suggest the “White Man” gets for
carrying his “burden”?
What important things does Vladek's son Art need for Maus that Vladek threw
out? (Art calls him "a murderer" after Vladek tells him what happened to these
a. Anja's diaries
Vladek and the other prisoners from Auschwitz are made to march, as the war is
ending, for days until they reach another concentration camp that does not have
gas, called what?
a. Gross Rosen
In the beginning of the story in book 1, what city in Poland is Vladek living? (This
is before he meets Anja).
a. Czechtochowa
What article of clothing of Art's did Vladek throw out when Art came to visit
a. trench coat
What was Vladek's first job in Auschwitz?
a. English tutor
Why does Anja's kapo treat her better than before? (Anja's job was to carry
heavy pails of soup, which she kept spilling for being so weak).
a. Vladek had her shoes fixed
What does Vladek pick up on the street which he says is very useful when he and
Art are walking to the bank? (Vladek has to take a Nitrostat pill on the way).
a. telephone wire
In what hiding place are Vladek, Anja, and some of Anja's family in when they are
ratted on to the Gestapo by another person in the ghetto?
a. in the attic of a house
What did Vladek say black work involved in Auschwitz?
a. moving large boulders
How did Anja eventually die after surviving the camps?
a. Suicide
In the last line of book 2, what does Vladek call Art?
a. Richieu
Slaughter House 5
1. What do the Tralfamadorians resemble?
a. Toilet plungers
2. Where is Billy Pilgrim from?
a. Ilium, New York
3. Of how many dimensions are Tralfamadorians aware?
a. Four
4. Who lends Billy his science-fiction books?
a. Eliot Rosewater
5. To whom does Vonnegut make the promise that he will call his book The
Children’s Crusade?
a. Mary O’Hare
6. Following which event is Billy taken prisoner?
a. The Battle of the Bulge
7. Why do the Tralfamadorians compare Billy to a bug trapped in amber?
a. Because Billy has no control over his fate
8. Whom should one ask for when one is in Cody, Wyoming, according to the
a. Wild Bob
9. In what city does Kurt Vonnegut work for General Electric?
a. Schenectady, New York
10.How many children does Billy have with his wife?
a. Two
11.Which of the following is the title of a Kilgore Trout novel?
a. The Big Board
12.What single event in the war makes Billy cry?
a. The condition of the horses that pull the green wagon
13.In what year does Billy die?
a. 1976
14.Where do Billy and Valencia go on their honeymoon?
a. Cape Ann, Massachusetts
15.Where does the author show up at the POW camp?
a. In the latrine
16.What is Edgar Derby tried and executed for stealing?
a. A teapot
17.Which of the following happens to Billy for the first time in Dresden?
a. He sees a naked woman
18.Why did Valencia think that no one would marry her?
a. Because she is fat
19.What does Billy’s doctor prescribe to help him sleep?
a. A Magic Fingers vibrator
20.Why is it ironic that the Serenity Prayer hangs in Billy’s office?
a. Because it suggests the possibility of improving the world, which Billy
believes impossible
21.How does Bertram Copeland Rumfoord respond to Billy’s claim that he was
in Dresden at the time of the firebombing?
a. He tries to change the subject
22.What is inscribed in Montana Wildhack’s silver locket?
a. The Serenity Prayer
23.In what format are Tralfamadorian books composed?
a. They are composed of short telegram-like groups of symbols
separated by stars
24.On which U.S. city does Billy say China will drop a hydrogen bomb in 1976?
a. Chicago
25.What question does Billy ask the aliens when he is abducted?
a. "Why me?”
26.Slaughterhouse Five focuses on the bombing of
a. Dresden
27.Vonnegut tracks down Bernard O'Hare to
a. try to remember things that happened in the war, to help Vonnegut
write his book on Dresden
28.In a hotel room in Boston, Vonnegut reads which Bible story?
a. the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and the fate of Lot's wife
29.In that same hotel room, Vonnegut feels like something very strange is
happening to
a. all of the clocks and watches
30.Billy Pilgrim is from the town of
a. Ilium, New York
31.The name of Billy's hometown is an allusion to
a. the doomed city of Troy
32.Billy believes he has been abducted by aliens from
a. Trafalmadore
33.Billy travels through time because
a. he has become "unstuck in time"
34.Billy's physicality could best be described as
a. tall and weak
35.Billy was trained to be a/an
a. chaplain's assistant
36.Billy first gets shipped to Europe in the middle of
a. the Battle of the Bulge
37.Wandering behind enemy lines, Billy falls in with
a. two scouts and an anti-tank gunner
38.Roland Weary could best be described as
a. fat, stupid, and mean
39.Roland imagines that he is
a. good friends with the scouts; they call themselves the "Three
40.Billy and Roland are captured by
a. German irregulars
41.Roland dies of
a. gangrene in his feet
42.On the train, none of the men wants to sleep next to Billy because
a. he talks and kicks in his sleep
43.Trafalmadorians experience time
a. all at once, with all things happening simultaneously
44.Billy's attitude toward everything that befalls him could best be described
a. passive and accepting
45.Billy's father dies
a. in a hunting accident
46.Billy eventually becomes a
a. optometrist
47.The Trafalmadorians put Billy in
a. a terrarium-like habitat made to look like an earthling's home
48.In his habitat, Billy wears
a. nothing
49.Billy marries
a. Valencia, the daughter of his optometry school's owner and founder
50.Paul Lazarro is
a. a former car thief who threatens to have people killed after the war
51. Explain the significance of “Poo-tee-weet?”
a. There is nothing intelliogent that can be sad about about a massacre
other than what the birds say, “Poo-tee-weet?”
52. What is the significance of the phrase “So it goes”
a. The phrase “So it goes” follows every mention of death in the novel, equalizing all of
them, whether they are natural, accidental, or intentional, and whether they occur on
a massive scale or on a very personal one.