STEVIE WONDER powerpoint

By Hannah Haag
Born on May 13, 1950 in
Saginaw Michigan
Born premature and lost
his eye sight
By the age of 10 Stevie
taught himself how to
play the harmonica,
piano, and drums.
Age 11 Ronnie White discovered little Stevie
Had an audition with Berry Gordy, the
Motown founder.
His harmonica playing won his audience over.
Started getting called Stevie “A Little
1962 released first album “Little Stevie
Wonder the 12 year Old Genius”
In 1963 Stevie released Fingertips Part 2
which took the public by storm.
Hits include Uptight, With A Child’s Heart,
Blowing In The Wind, The Miracles, Tears Of A
Bigger hits were Signed Sealed Delivered I’m
Yours, For Once In My Life, and I was Made to
Love Her.
Contract with Motown expires.
Branches off and makes two albums of his own.
Wrote songs that pertained more to life.
Song “You Haven’t Done Nothing” threw punch
at Richard Nixon.
In 1972 Berry Gordy signed Stevie with a $13
million contract with Motown records.
August 6, 1973 Stevie was in a
collision with a flatbed truck
that sent him into a coma.
The Jackson 5 visited Wonder
the day after the accident.
At a concert in November 2008
Stevie thanked God as well as
the Doctors who saved his life
in 1973.
Stevie Wonder has won a record breaking 25 Grammys in his career.
Youngest person to be honored by Kennedy Center.
First blind person to receive an Academy Award with the song “I just
called to say I love you”.
In 2008 when Obama won the presidency, Stevie performed the song
“Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours”.
Song off of the 1976 album Key of Life
Wrote this song to celebrate the birth of his daughter
Gregory Phillinganes played the keyboard and all other
instruments were played by Stevie Wonder himself.
0:00- Intro starts with piano and drums right on
the first beat of the measure we know right
away its in a major chord.
0:08- Verse 1 the dynamics have built from the
0:40-Verse 2
1:45-Verse 3 begins and then Stevie plays
harmonica, music fades
Composed by R. Miller and O.
Murden and produced by Henry
Stevie was quoted saying “Even
though it was a ballad and I
loved it as that, I felt the tune
could be done in the form of
rejoicing in meeting someone
who needed me. I was excited
and recorded it that way”.
The Funk Brothers helped
Stevie with the music.
0:00- Introduction goes for 6 measures in a
major chord
0:17- Verse 1 begins with guitar, tambourine,
and drums making a full sound
0:34- Verse 2
0:52- Verse 3 background singers have joined
2:07- Verse 3 repeated
2:24- Verse 4
2:53- Ending
First single taken from the
album Talking Book in
“When you believe in
things you don’t
understand then you
Steve Madaio- trumpet,
Trevor Laurencesaxophone other
instruments- Stevie
0:00-Intro has drum pickup line and is joined by a clavinet.
0:20-Verse 1 shows song is in major chord. Lines 1 and 2 rhyme and lines
3 and 4 rhyme.
1:00- Chorus begins and has building effect.
1:19-Verse 2 begins
2:00- Chorus repeats here.
2:38- Verse 3 starts again but is building up more with more ad libs by
3:17- Chorus
3:40-Outro was purely music with the trumpet playing a descending
scale over and over while clavinet and drums play same funky beat.
In 1970 made the album
Signed, Sealed,
Delivered, I’m Yours.
composed by Stevie
Wonder, Lee Garrett,,
Syreeta Wright, Lula Mae
The Funk Brothers helped
Stevie with the music.
0:00- Intro shows us it’s a duple/metered song. Stevie
screams the words “hey” a few times before verse starts.
0:08- Verse 1 starts with the rithym really steady. Guitar and
piano play as trumpet joins in. Form is ABC
0:43- Chorus begins, trumpet stands out and background
vocals join in.
1:01- Add-on with more of a talkative section
1:12- Verse 2
1:46- Chorus is same as before
2:02- Add-on another talkative sing-song voice but with a
few different words.
2:11- Outro the main phrase of the song are sang over and
over as song fades out.
2:41- Ending
Striano, Bruno. Winberg, Thomas. Gould, Kenny.
Haraguchi, Makoto. Richardson, Pete. Bertrand,
Joachim. Glowacki, Piotr.
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