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• Use Internet Explorer or Firefox!
Registering for MyMISLab
1. Start your browser
and go to:
**You MUST use this link it is special to Temple Students!**
2. Click the Register
Registering for MyMISLab
3. On the Register for MyMISLab page
select Purchase Access code online:
Registering for MyMISLab
4. Click the License Agreement and
Privacy Policy links to review this
information. Click the
button to continue.
Registering for MyMISLab
5. On the Access Information page, you
will be asked if you have a Pearson
Education account.
If so, click the
Yes option.
Enter your
existing login
name and
Registering for MyMISLab
6. If you do not have an account, click the
No option.
 Enter your desired
login name.
 Enter and then
re-type your
desired password.
tip: use your email address
as your login name:
it’s unique and
easy to remember!
Registering for MyMISLab
7. On the Account Information page, enter
your first name and last name.
Type and then
retype your email
Registering for MyMISLab
8. In the School Location section,
select the country in which your
school is located.
9. Enter your school’s ZIP or postal
Registering for MyMISLab
10. Select your school from the list.
tip: If your school is not listed, scroll to the
bottom of the drop-down list and select Other.
Enter your school name and city and select
the state from the list.
Registering for MyMISLab
11. Select a Security Question and enter
the answer.
12. Click the
button to
submit your registration.
tip: The Security Question and answer
helps Product Support verify your identity
in case you forget your login name or password.
Registering for MyMISLab
13. A Confirmation and Summary page
displays, indicating your registration is
14. Click the
into MyMISLab.
tip: If desired, print the confirmation
page to keep a record of this information.
A copy of this information will be emailed to you.
button to log
Logging in to MyMISLab
The first time you log in a welcome
message will pop up.
Read it, click
Do not display
this message
again, and
then click OK.
Enrolling in a new course
On the My Courses page, click the
Enroll in a Course button.
Enrolling in a new course
Enter the Course ID provided by your
instructor. Click Submit.
On the Confirm
Course screen,
verify the course
and instructor information.
Click the
Enrolling in a new course
On the Summary screen, confirm the
information is correct and then click
 You are now registered and enrolled in a
course in MyMISLab!
 Click the Course Name to enter your
Take Advantage of Pearson 24/7 Technical Support
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The Knowledge Base
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The All-Product Phone
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12PM to 8 PM EST, Monday through Friday
MyLab Course ID: CRSABYG-239548
Confirm Course:
Course: Fall 2012 MIS
Professor: Rich Flannigan
21 Presentation Title runs here l 00/00/00
Temple University’s Campus
Melissa Noble
[email protected]
Office hours: Alter Hall Breakout room 240B
Wednesday, August 29th: 3:30-5:30pm
Friday, August 31st: 3:00-4:30pm
For more information
For more information
and a link to Student Support visit
us at: