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Thursday, September 10, 2015

TVN-Mitacs Accelerate Internship Program

Penina Lam, PhD

Welcome and our webinar format

Today, we are pleased to present an information session on the TVN-Mitacs

Accelerate Internship Program.

Please submit your questions online during the webinar. We’ll answer as many questions as possible immediately following the presentation.

Carol Barrie

Executive Director


Information Session on TVN-Mitacs Accelerate Program

Penina Lam, PhD

• TVN Partnership Lead for TVN-Mitacs Internship Program

• PhD in Educational Leadership and Organizational Development

(Human Resource Development) from University of Louisville, KY

• Founder: eLearning Innovators, Inc: provider of e-mentoring, ecoaching solutions

• Over 15 years of international experience in higher education and corporate settings

Partnering to Leverage Research Dollars

Today’s Webinar

• Why Mitacs

• How it work

• Q & A

About Mitacs

• Mitacs builds partnerships between academia, industry and the world – to create a more innovative Canada

• 95% overall success rate!

• Mitacs and TVN are ready to help you throughout entire application process

TVN-Mitacs Accelerate Internship Benefits

• TVN funding to attend TVN annual conference

• Poster presentation at TVN annual conference

• Access to apply to TVN Sharon Carstair’s Bursary

• Invitation to TVN networking and knowledge mobilization events

• HQP conference poster publication in an online journal at no cost

• Access to TVN training modules

• Access to Mitacs STEP professional development

Mitacs Accelerate Funding Structure

Funding Options and

Eligibility for TVN-Mitacs

Accelerate Funding

TVN-Mitacs Accelerate Internship Funding

How it Works

Consider eligible partners within your TVN-approved project or others for cash contribution

$ Cash from





$ Cash

From Mitacs


Accelerate Program


Cash from

Industry or Not for Profit


$7,500 cash from



Over 4-6 months

$10,000 minimum intern stipend

$5,000 other project-related expenses

• Grad student or Post Doc applies

• Work on a research project they write to submit to Mitacs

• Time commitment at both industry and academic sites

• Multiple internships

– 2 max per Master’s student

– 6 max per PhD student

– 6 max per Post-Doc

Accelerate Clusters


$36, 000 Industry

$44,000 Mitacs













$20,000 other project-related expenses

• Extra leverage for medium to large projects

• Higher ratio of funds matching

• Minimum three students

• Can be split among different research groups

• Scalable: each additional $18K from industry generates $22K from Mitacs

Eligibility for Mitacs Funding

Funding for:

• Industry partners

• Not for Profit organizations (professional and trade associations, foundations, charitable organizations etc.)

• Intern/Student eligibility (international students included)

• Which funds are not eligible? (provincial and federal organizations, municipal organizations and university funds…we are available for questions on eligibility of partners so please contact TVN or Mitacs)

TVN-Mitacs Accelerate Internship Funding

How to Apply

How to Apply if You’re Ready to Get Started

• Call us after the webinar if you’re interested

– Tel: 613-770-0240 (Penina)

– Tel: 613 549 6666 x 6210 (Jackie)

• Download Application

– TVN Website > Training Tab > TVN-Mitacs Accelerate internships

How to Apply Without a Match

Mitacs Full Application Process



Full Application

• Basic info, short questionnaire, proposal and budget

• Full support from the Business Development team


• No application deadline

• 6-12 weeks for approval due to peer review process


Funds Delivered

• 95% overall success rate

Upcoming TVN-Mitacs Events for HQP

TVN-Mitacs Accelerate Internship

Mitacs and TVN will:

– Assist you throughout the application process

Quick Links

• TVN Training Opportunities



• Mitacs Accelerate Program


• Mitacs Business Development Team



Resource for how to develop Mitacs accelerate Partnership

• Question and Answer From submitted Webinar attendees

How to Contact Us

TVN Representatives:

Penina Lam, PhD

Cell: 613-770-0240




Alternative to Penina is Jackie St.

Pierre at

613 549 6666 x 6210

Mitacs Representative:

Justin Moores, PhD

Director, Strategic Accounts &

Business Development

Cell: 613.818.7068