FL Method worksheet - mvhs

Chemistry Honors
Monta Vista High School
Factor Label Method
1) Convert the following
a) 3.5 liters to cubic centimeters
b) 0.75 kilograms to milligrams
c) 1500 millimeters to kilometers
d) 1.00 day to seconds
e) 5000 cubic centimeters to milliliters
f) 0.52 kilometers to meters
g) 65 grams to kilograms
h) 750 picograms to grams
i) 0.25 megameters to centimeters
2) A sign in a town gives the speed limit at 50 km/hr. What is this speed in
centimeters per second?
3) A chemistry instructor provides each student with 8 test tubes at the beginning
of the school year. If there are 28 students per class, how many test tubes are
required for three chemistry classes?
4) In your favorite restaurant, a sandwich you like costs $1.25. If you order two
sandwiches, how many quarters must you pay? How many dimes?
5) A young child is sent to the store with exactly $3.00 to buy donuts. If the
donuts on a special sale cost 95 cents per dozen, how many donuts can be
bought? Assume the baker will sell individual donuts.
6) What is the cost in dollars for the nails used to build a fence 125 meters long if
it requires 30 nails per meter? Assume that 40 nails are sold per box at a cost of
75 cents per box.
7) Determine the volume that 35.2 grams of carbon tetrachloride will occupy if it
has a density of 1.60 g/cm3.
8) The density of ethanol is 0.789 g/cm3 at 20oC. What is the mass of 150 cm3 of
this alcohol?
9) A block of lead measures 20.00 mm X 30.00 mm X 45.00 mm. Calculate the
mass of this block, if the density of lead is 11.34 g/cm3.
10) A light year is the distance that light travels in one year. If the sun is
150000000 kilometers away, how many light years is the sun from the earth?
Assume that light travels at a speed of 3.0 X 1010 cm/s
11) Calculate the number of minutes in the entire month of May
12) Near a lake on an old building, a sign reads “Rowboats for rent, $1.75 per half
hour.” What will it cost to rent a rowboat for five hours?
13) A cube of ice measuring 2.0 cm on a side is allowed to melt in a beaker.
Predict the volume which will be occupied by liquid water. (Ignore the fact that
the density of ice is less than that of water).
14) A coffee urn holds 14 cups of coffee. At a meeting 36 people are expected to
consume an average of 2.6 cups of coffee each. How many urns of coffee must
the caterer bring to be prepared?
15) Your teacher is preparing a lab for Chem Honors. She needs help in
determining how large a square piece of Zinc metal will be needed to provide a
piece of zinc 0.5 cm x 1.5 cm for each lab group. There are an average of 33
students per chem. Class, two students in a lab group and 7 chemistry classes
16) A 35 mm camera is able to use 36 exposure film rolls or 24 exposure rolls. If a
photographer is able to make one fine photograph in every 125 exposures then
how many rolls each kind of film must be used to make 100 fine photographs?
17) If a photographer used 24 exposure films 29% of the time and the rest of the
time used 36 exposure rolls than how many rolls of each type of film would be
needed to make 100 fine photographs? (See question #16)
18) Suppose that an average packet of Skittles Candy contained 16 pieces and
each package contained only three purple (grape flavored) pieces. How many
packets of Skittles Candy must be opened by your teacher to give five pieces of
purple candy to each of our 280 students as a reward for becoming experts in
Factor Label method?