Articles of Confederation Questions

Articles of Confederation Questions
1. What year was the document completed?
2. According to the Articles, where is “sovereignty” located?
3. What is the purpose of the Articles?
4. How was the bond between states something more than an alliance?
5. What is significant about each state having an equal vote in Congress?
6. Describe the government under the league.
7. What rules (as stated in Article VI) keep the states unified?
8. How might Article VII create problems for the military?
9. What was the basis for taxation?
10. How many states had to have agreed with a resolution for it to become law?
11. What was required to change the Articles of Confederation?
12. How were disputes between states to be resolved?
13. How did the AOC attempt to make inter-state commerce and communication easier?
14. In what way(s) did Congress attempt to address the issue of slavery under the Articles of
15. How was the president selected under the articles? What was his term?
16. How many delegates signed the document? List the names of few you recognize.
17. Explain the way(s)in which the Articles of Confederation established precedents for the U.S.
18. Name two important acts that helped settle western lands in a fair and orderly manner.
19. Who was the first president of the United States in Congress Assembled?
20. What powers did he have?
Articles of Confederation Questions