Student Instructions for Monroe's Motivated Sequence Activity

Student Accountability for the use of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence in this
Persuasive Speech
As part of the Persuasive Speech Outline Assignment, you are required to use Monroe’s
Motivated Sequence. Answer the following questions below. When answering the
questions, provide the section and subsection within your speech outline where the
information is located. For example, Sec. II, subsection A.3. This exercise should
require you to use the formal speech format indicated in the Informative Speech packet,
as well as keep you focused on the use of Monroe’s Sequence.
 How do you get the readers attention?
 How do you try to relate to the reader’s particular needs or convince readers
that a problem requires their attention?
 What do you suggest is the solution to the problem that is posed?
 Where do you try to convince your audience of the validity, workability,
desirability, advantages etc., of the specific solution that is proposed?
 What do you tell the audience they should do?