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Dr Ebrahim Esfandiary
Professor of Anatomy, (Neuroscience,
Education of Anatomy)
email: [email protected]
webpage: http://ofis.mui.ac.ir/data/default.asp
office Depart. of Anatomical Sciences, Medical
address: School, Isfahan University of Medical
Sciences (IUMS), Isfahan, Islamic
Republic of Iran, Post Box 81744-176
office +98-311-7922426, TeleFax: +98 311phone: 7922517
Degrees in brief:
1998 Sabbatical
1989 Ph.D
Growth of DRG Neurons into the spinal cord
3 D & Sheet Plastination
Education of
An educational study of learning and teaching
of anatomy, A Ph.D project
Study of Gross Anatomy, Histology,
Embryology and Electron Microscopy
Study of Gross Anatomy and Histology and
1985 Postdoctoral Anatomy
1984 postdoctoral Anatomy
1979 Medicine
General Medicine
42 Articles. 9 Books. 40 Conferences. 11 Foundings and Plannings. 6 Research
projects. 7 Inventions. 61 Theses supervision
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1-Persian Translation of "The Developing Human, Clinicallay Orineted
Embryology" L
IUMS. 2006;
[Translation, Farsi]
Dr Mohammad Mardani, Ph.D Dr Ebrahim Esfandiary, MD-Ph.D Dr Hasan Azary, Ph.D
Dr Mohammad Ghasem Ghol Mohammadi, Ph.D
2-Neuroanatomy, CD of lectures in the course of medical students
(English) L
[Compilation, English]
Dr E Esfandiary
3-Persian Translation of "Clinical anatomy for Medical students",
Head & Neck part L
Aslani. 2005;
[Translation, Farsi]
‫اسفندیاری دکتر‬Dr Esfandiary, Dr A. Rabiei
4-Persian Translation of "Neuroanatomy for Medical Students"
2004 .‫;مانی‬
[Translation, Farsi]
Dr Esfandiary, Dr R. Aboutorabi, Dr Hasan Azary, Dr Mohammad Ghasem
5-Anatomy of trunk, CD of lectures of anatomy of trunk in the course
of medical students (English) L
6-Persian Translation of "Clinical Anatomy for medical students"
Trunk part L
Kankash. 2002;
[Translation, Farsi]
Dr Salehi, Dr Parvizi, Dr Esfandiary
7-Atlas of Mnemonics in "Trunk Anatomy" (Persian)
1999 .‫;کیا‬
Dr Hakimian, Dr Alavi, Dr Esfandiary
8-Surface Anatomy(Persian)
1999 .‫;کنکاش‬
Nooshin Amirpour, Dr Esfandiary
9-Persian Translation of " Simple Ridiculous Neuroanatomy"
‫نوید شیراز‬. 1998;
Dr S. Bahmanpour, Dr E. Esfandiary
Producing a vaccum chamber for plastination
July 8, 2008
Dr Hamid Shafiei, Dr Ebrahim Esfandiary, Dr Abbasali Rabiei
place: Anatomical Sciences Department, Isfahan medical School
my role: Scientific collaborator
Synthesis of flexible resin and plastination of human body (making a
new flexible resin called P87) L
July 8, 2008
Ebrahim Esfandiary MD-Ph.D, Hajian Mortaza Ph.D, Rabiei Abbassali MD-Ph.D,
Fatollahpour Attaollah MSc Student
place: Anatomical Sciences Department, Isfahan medical School
my role: Executive collaborator
Sheet plastinated specimens which we made in our lab previously, were fragile and clear
glass type which get broken upon falling on the ground. Therefore, due to this reason,
we lost many of these valuable specimens during teaching sessions. So, we planned to
make a soft, clear and flexible polymer for sheet plastination,
In this work, a human brain was fixed in 10% formalin solution for about 1 month. The
specimens were then, cut into 1mm thick serial sections by sausage cutter machine. The
sections were dehydrated by cold acetone for about one week and the acetone was
changed everyday. The specimens were forced impregnated by the polymer we named it
P87. This is our new soft and flexible polymer, which recently has been synthesized in
our lab.
We obtained a soft, clear and flexible sheet palastinated specimen, which can even be
folded or bended without being broken.
We can use this new made polymer for whole body sheet plastination as well.
Key words:
Flexible Polymer, Sheet Plastination, Human Brain
Production of chondrocytes from adult stem cells in adipose tissue
October 5, 2007
Batool Hashemi Beni, Ph.D Student Ebrahim Esfandiary, MD-Ph.D
place: Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Anatomical sciences Department
my role: superviser
Autologus Chondrocyte culture and transplantation (ACT), has been recently introduced
as the best method of treatment for traumatic osteoarthritis. Meanwhile, because of
needed biopsy through open surgery or arthroscopy, which might harm the patient, a
new method of preparation of chondrocyte from adult stem cell has been proposed.
Fat specimens were removed from skin adipose tissue during abdominal surgery
operations or caesarian sections. After washing with PBS, for a few times, the
specimens were fragmented into small peaces and treated with collagenase (1-1.5
mg/g), in 37 °, for 60 minutes, while they were gently shaken. The obtained cells were
filtered and centrifuged for a few times. These mononuclear cells were cultured with
monolayer method, in DMEM-10 % FBS medium. The harvested cells from passage 4,
were used for differentiation into cartilage by pallet system culture. The chondrogenic
medium was used for this later culture and its medium was changed every 2-3 days
during 21 days time of the culture.
The tissue which was harvested from the last culture, was fixed and embedded in
paraffin block. It was then cut into histologic sections and stained with H&E, Alis, and
methylen blue. Another part of the tissue was prepared for transmission electron
microscopy. The sections showed the round chondrocytes in lacunae with basophilic
matrix in central region, down the microscope. Therefore, it was revealed that,
mesenchymal stem cells, under the influence of chondrogenic factores, were
differentiated into cartilage.
Establishment of Culture of Human Chondrocytes, for the first time in
Iran L
August 6, 2004
Dr Mehdi Shakibaei, PH.D, Dr Mohammad Hossain Nasr, Ph.D,Nooshin Amirpour, MSc,
Mehr Afarin Fesharaki
place: IVF Center In Isfahan
my role: Superviser
Background: The Inability of self-repair in cartilage tissue has led to the development of
a new technique called autologous chondrocyte transplantation (ACT), which is a
modern treatment for cartilage defects. In this study, chondrocyte culture was
established, and also calcium alginate was used for longer culture of chondrocyte in
vitro. This study was based for future human chondrocytes transplantation.
Methods: The cartilage specimen obtained from 50 patients who underwent total knee
and hip operations in IsfahanUniversity of Medical Sciences. Cartilage specimens were
used for monolayer culture and for suspension culture in alginate beads.
Results: The number of cells obtained from the specimens from younger patients was
higher and the round condrocytes showed large euchromatic nucleus with several
nucleoli and small vacuole. Approximately 12 ± 1 millions cells were harvested from the
3rd passage. The alginate beads derived cells from passages 1 to 4 showed increasingly
positive reaction.
Conclusion: Chondrocyte culture was established for the first time in Iran. The findings
of this study showed that the quantity as well as quality of harvested chondrocytes of
monolayer culture in young patients was higher than old ones. In some patients the
harvested cells were used immediately and successfully for transplantation.
The first 3 D Plastination of a whole body in Iran
September 13, 2002
‫دکتر عباسعلی ربیعی دکتر‬،‫اسفندیاری‬
place: Medical School of Isfahan‫ و‬Department of Anatomical Sciences
my role: Superviser
The first trasparent body in Iran (Sheet Plastination of 320 Serial
sections) L
March 17, 1995
Dr E. Esfandiary, Sheibanifar, Mahmood MD, Rabiei Abbass Ali, MD, place: Medical School of Isfahan‫ و‬Department of Anatomical Sciences
my role: Superviser
Producing polymer E 75 for plastination of human tissues
‫ دکتر حاج دکتر‬،‫دکتر محمود شیبانی فر‬،‫دکتر مرتضی حاجییان‬،‫صادقی اسفندیاری‬
place: Medical School of Isfahan‫ و‬Department of Anatomical Sciences
my role: Superviser
1-Access to Chondrocyte, Culture, With Alginate, In Iran
Yakhte medical journal. 2008;10(13):73-75
[indexed in ISI] ISSN: 1561-4921
1. Esfandiary, E Noshin Amirpour( Msc)1, Mehrafarin Fesharaki(MSc) Mohammad Hossein
Nasr (Ph.D), Fariba Molavi (Bs), Farahnaz Molavi(Bs), Khalilollah Nazem (MD), Shahnaz
Razavi(Ph.D), Mehdi Shakibaei (Ph.D),
Original research report. Result of an approved project in university.
2-Comparative Analysis of the Frequency and Distribution of Stem and
Progenitor Cells in the Adult Mouse Brain L
Stem Cells published online. 2008;10(1634):1-18
[indexed in ISI]
Mohammad G. Golmohammadi, Daniel G. Blackmore, Beatrice Large, Hassan Azari, L.
Rietze, Ebrahim Esfandiary, George Paxinos, Keith B.J. Franklin, Brent A. Reynolds and
3- Induction of Chondrogenic differentiation of Human adipose- derived
stem cell with TGF β3 in pellet culture sysytem L
Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences. 2008;11(1):10-17
1Batool Hashemibeni, 1Shahnaz Razavi, 1*Ebrahim Esfandiary, 2Saeed Karbasi,
1Mohammad Mardani, 3Mohsen Nasresfahani 1Batool Hashemibeni, 1Shahnaz Razavi,
1*Ebrahim Esfandiary, 2Saeed Karbasi, 1Mohammad Mardani, 3Mohsen Nasresfahani
1Batool Hashemibeni, 1Shahnaz Razavi, 1*Ebrahim Esfandiary, 2Saeed Karbasi,
1Mohammad Mardani, 3Mohsen Nasresfahani 1Batool Hashemibeni, 1Shahna
Original research report. Result of an approved project in university.
4- Study of Human Chondrocyte Redifferntiation Capacity in ThreeDimensional Hydrogel Culture L
Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences. 2008;11(3):152-158
*1Ebrahim Esfandiary, 2Mehdi Shakibaei, 1Noshin Amirpour, 3Mehrafarin Fesharaki, 4,
5Mohammad Hossein Nasr-esfahani, 4Fariba Moulavi, 5 Farahnaz Moulavi, 6 Khalilollah
Nazem,7 Masoud Hatef Dehghani, 2 Constanze Csaki, 1Shahnaz Razavi
5- The prevalence of thyroid pathological lesions of in 202 autopsic
samples obtained at Isfahan forensic medicine center L
Iranian Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism. 2008;10(3):211-218.
Dr.E.Esfandiari, Dr.A.A.Rabiei, Dr.A.Sobhan Ardakani, Dr.M.Raeisifard, S.Ahmadian
Moghaddam, M.Ramezanizadeh Yazdi, S.M.Mousavi, H.Mehdinejad Gorji, Dr.S.Haghighi,
Dr.S.Hospian, Dr.M.Amini
Original research report. Result of an approved project in university.
6- A Case Report of Cholecysto – Colonic Fistula in a Cadaveric Setting
Armaghan e Danesh. 2007;
Dr Ebrahim Esfandiari , Dr Hossain Sadeghi
Case report.
Cholecysto – Colonic fistula, Adhesion, Cadaver
7- A Morphometeric Study on CA3 Hippocampal Field in Young Rats
Following Maternal Administration of Boswellia Serrata Resin During
Gestation L
Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences. 2007;10(3):176-182
Dr Mohamad Hosseini Sharifabad, Dr Ebrahim Esfandiary
Original research report. Result of a thesis.
Boswellia serrata, Hippocampus, Morphometry, Pregnancy
8-The Evaluation of Neural Stem Cells Neurogenesis Using Flow Cytometry
with Comparison to Manual Counting Method L
The journal of Isfahan Medical School. 2007;12(13):12-15
ISSN: 23
Hassan Azari MSc, Mohammad Ghasem Golmohammadi MSc, Ebrahim Esfandiari PhD,
Mohammad Mardani PhD, Brent Allan Reynolds PhD
Result of a thesis.
Key Words: Neural stem cell, Differentiation, Flow cytometry, Neurogenesis