River Civilizations Mini Project: The Dummies Guide Nile, Tigris

River Civilizations Mini Project: The Dummies Guide
Nile, Tigris/Euphrates, Indus and Huang Rivers
We have now covered in-depth our four ancient river valleys…Egypt, Mesopotamia, Indus
River Valley, and Ancient China. You have knowledge that no one else has…because of a
giant, world-wide catastrophe: a brain-freeze. Therefore, you need to write a book. That’s
right…a book. “The Dummies Guide to River Civilizations.” This book will cover each of
the river valleys that we’ve learned about in class, and should include information about
 Government (how do they rule; who is their ruler, etc.)
 Religion (were they mono/polytheistic; what religions were born in this region)
 Agriculture (how did they farm; what did they farm)
 Cultural and Scientific Contributions (what did they offer the world; lasting legacies)
This book should also have a cover, be neatly done and researched well. You have access to
all of your notes (which you were supposed to keep!) and the classroom textbooks. You
will have class time to complete this…but some may need to be done on your own. It will
be due at the end of the day on Thursday, February 17th.
I have provided pages for each of the river valleys. The information you include is up to
you. Inside each box, make sure you label: government, religion, agriculture or
culture/science accordingly. If you need to use a ruler to make guidelines, so be it. You
need to have 2-3 sentences per box. Remember, these types of books are concise; short,
sweet and to the point. Make sure it is quality information! However else you would like
to decorate these pages is up to you. Think of the geography of each area…would you like
to draw the river along the bottom? A pyramid? A desert or camel? Mt. Everest? Be
Questions? ASK!!!! Good luck!
Mrs. Carr….The Original Dummies Guide Publisher
River Civilizations Mini Project: The Dummies Guide
Grading Rubric
Cover Page (name, title, illustrations, etc)
Egypt (government, religion, agriculture, culture/science)
Mesopotamia (government, religion, agriculture, culture/science)
Indus Valley (government, religion, agriculture, culture/science)
Ancient China (government, religion, agriculture, culture/science)