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Score _________
Level ________ (ove dvije stavke ispunjava ispitivač)
I. Provide full answers to the following questions. (utipkati odgovor u retku ispod pitanja)
1. What is your name?
2. Where do you live?
3. What do you do?
4. How do you spend your free time?
5. Have you ever been to an English speaking country?
6. What are you doing?
7. How do you feel right now?
______ / 7
II. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate tense (Present Simple, Present Continuous –
Progressive or Past Simple) of the verbs in brackets. (utipkati odgovor na crte u tekstu).
When I ____ a small child, there _________ much less cars on the streets of Osijek than
there ______today. Furthermore, 20 years ago it _______ that people _______ as many
as 5 times less vehicles. They _________ a car to get to the place they _____________ .
(need - negative)
Nowadays they ______ like they ______ live without a car. Everyone ______ only about
(can - negative)
buying a car. It_____more important to have a car than to have something to eat. At this
moment thousands of cars _________ the air polluted. Even right now, while I________
this, I _______ the noise coming from the street.
______ / 14
III. Translate and write questions to the answers in English. (utipkati odgovor u retku
ispod rečenice)
My name is Robert.
I live in Osijek.
Before the Homeland War I had lived in Vukovar.
I am 27 years old.
I speak English a little bit.
______ / 10
IV. Much or many? (utipkati odgovor na prazne crte ).
Not _______ bread, how ________ rooms, how _________ milk, too _______ water
how ________ people, not ________ time, too ________ children, not_______ shoes
______ / 8
V. A, an, the or zero article? (utipkati odgovor na prazne crte ).
I need ___ pencil.
People often read _____ books.
___ book on the table is interesting.
He is not _____ right man for you.
I am ____ doctor.
Plants cannot live without ______ water.
It is healthy to eat ____ orange from to time.
She is afraid of ______ lions.
______ / 8
VI. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate preposition (in some cases more answers are
possible). (utipkati odgovor na praznine u rečenice ).
1. She told me that _____ the record (confidentially).
2. What are you going to do _______ the weekend?
3. Tell me that ______ English!
4. She is not ____ school at the moment.
5. Some people do not like dancing _____ the rain.
6. We kindly ask all visitors to take their seats. The film starts ____ 5 minutes.
7. I prefer dogs ___ cats.
______ /7
VII. a) Turn into Passive where possible. (utipkati odgovor u retku ispod rečenice)
1. Some people never feel a need for changes.
2. Authorities have recently released Mike Tyson from prison.
3. They gave him a tremendous opportunity to get rich.
4. Joan likes every kind of sport.
5. Mr Jones will present the new way of cleaning in 10 minutes.
b) Translate using Passive where possible. (utipkati odgovor u retku ispod rečenice)
1. Njegova djeca imaju puno igračaka.
2. Charles Dickens je prije 150 godina napisao poznatu knjigu o jednom siromašnom
3. To se ne može odgoditi za sutra.
4. Još se nije saznalo tko je kriv za tešku ekonomsku situaciju u Hrvatskoj.
5. U nedjelju će Ljubičić konačno pobijediti Federera.
______ /10
VIII. Translate into Croatian. (prijevod utipkati na za to predviđeno mjesto ispod
originalnog teksta))
Nowadays, parents often feel guilty if they do not give their children healthy food for every
single meal. Packaged food is frequently known as ’junk food’ but for many instances that
simply is not so. Of course children should eat well, but meals should also be relaxed,
enthusiastic and compatible with family life today.
And it is essential to remember that parents of young children are, by definition, extremely
busy people. Convenience food is here to stay and it can be a valuable aid to the pursuit of
happiness. Parents must seek out the best and aim at a balance between real food and
practicality. With all that convenience food, you can balance out the meal by adding
something fresh and home-made. When your children beg for ice-cream, give them frozen
yoghurt with fresh fruit. Indeed a home where the fruit bowl needs refilling regularly is a
home where people eat well. The crucial point is balance. What is at stake is your child’s
gastronomic happiness – and your own sanity.
______ / 20
Mjesto za prijevod teksta
X. Fill in the gaps with one appropriate word (from the multiple choice below for the
first 8 gaps). (u prvih 8 praznina utipkati samo slovo ispred točnog odgovora, a u ostalih 7
cijelu riječ)
Deep sleep is important for ________(1). The actual ________ (2) of sleep you need depends
_____ (3) your age. A young child ______ (4) to sleep ten to twelve hours, and a teenager
______ (5) nine hours. Adults differ ___ (6) lot in their sleeping ______ (7). For most of
them, seven to eight hours a day is ______ (8), but _____ sleep longer, while others manage
with only four hours.
For a good night, having a comfortable ________ (9) to sleep is very important. Also, there
should be _______ (10) of fresh air in the room. A warm drink sometimes helps people to
sleep, _______ (11) it is not a good idea to drink coffee immediately before ______ (12) to
______ (13) you have to travel a very long distance, try to go to bed earlier than usual the day
before the __________ (14). _______ (15) will help you to feel more rested when you arrive.
a) everyone
a) size
a) on
a) could
a) alike
a) the
a) ways
a) few
b) someone c) both
b) number c) amount
b) to
c) in
b) ought
c) must
b) about
c) the
b) a
c) an
b) habits
c) manners
b) well
c) less
d) each
d) sum
d) of
d) should
d) in
d) some
d) actions
d) enough
______ / 15
XI. From the words listed below, choose the ones which best fit the space, A, B, C or D.
(na praznine utipkati samo slovo ispred točnog odgovora)
It is not so much the scandals and disputes of recent years that have (01).....the Olympic
Games. It is their (02).....enormity, their excessive cost, their (03).....of national pride. One
very sensible suggestion is that future Games should be (04)......to individual events in which
one person clearly wins. All team games would (05)....., and no one would feel any loss at the
disappearance of Olympic soccer, a (06)......shadow of the more professional game.
Anything which required judging would also be (07).......One reason for this is the difficulty
of obtaining fair and accurate judges. An (08)......example of this is the case of Jacqueline de
Bief, a (9)......world figure skating champion. She revealed to the (10)......that she was
sometimes offered generous (11)......in exchange for what one newspaper called "an amorous
If events that required judging were excluded, it would also (12)......the Games of boxing,
wrestling, and the boring diving competitions. It would also eliminate sailing, largely a matter
of boat building, and horse jumping, largely a matter of the horse. Under (13).....
circumstances, the individual would be (14)......to his rightful place, and a (15)......size to the
Games would be achieved.
01. A. warned B. threatened C. reproached D. shocked 02. A. sheer B. vast C. heavy D. massive
03. A. pampering B. easing C. indulgence D. spoiling
04. A. held B. restricted C. limit D. decided
05. A. remove B. depart C. leave D. go
06. A. slight B. dull C. pale D. empty
07. A. undone B. left C. omit D. excluded
08. A. extreme B. outside C. upset D. unlimited
09. A. former B. ex C. passed D. formerly
10. A. paper B. press C. journal D. magazine
11. A. awards B. marks C. numbers D. odds
12. A. remove B. take C. rid D. scratch
13. A. such B. this C. most D. normal
14. A. retained B. ascended C. renovated D. restored
15. A. sane B. approximate C. accepted D. sensible
________ / 15
XII. Explain the meaning of the words and provide an example in a sentence and vice
versa. (u prvom dijelu zadatka odgovore utipkati u retku ispred zadane riječi, a u drugom
na crtu iza danog objašnjenja)
abundance –
refugee -
sick leave –
greed –
incredible –
vital –
ambulance –
actual –
coach –
Something that is carried on your back, something that constantly causes pressure to you, if
you get rid of it, you will definitely feel much better and lighter (noun) – ________________
Disease that can be transmitted by various ways of contact, meaning from people to people of
from animals to people (adjective) – _______________________
A way of wearing a particular type of clothes, a style currently popular in various field of life,
fancy footwear, accessories, cars, certain exclusive shows are closely related to it (noun) –
A special kind of ship, designed for transportation of vehicles and people over straits and
channels (noun) – _____________________
something in the very centre, contains protons and neutrons, Latin nucleus (noun) –
to get better after an illness, or to improve oneself after being in an unfavourable condition or
position – _____________________
_______ / 24
XIII. Write an essay with at least 75 words on the following subjects: (sastavak utipkati
na za to predviđeno mjesto ispod originalnog teksta))
a) Should Croatia cooperate with the Haag Tribunal?
b) Music of the 80s was great, but the fashion sucked.
c) Who is the most successful Croatian sportsman of all times for you and why?
d) Young people do not have bright perspective in Croatia.
e) Children in Croatia have become immoral.
______ / 20
Mjesto za sastavak:
_________ / 158