Unit One Beginnings notes

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Unit One- The Beginnings
Native American Literature
Myths- traditional stories, often about immortal beings, that are passed down
from generation to generation
Origin Myths- stories that tell the origins of earthly life
What other phenomena might myths explain?
The Earth on Turtle’s Back
1. The Onondaga lived in what is now __________________________________.
2. Why did the chief decide to uproot the tree?
3. How many animals dive down to get the earth?
4. Which animal succeeds?
5. What does the Sky Woman bring with her from Skyland?
6. How does it affect the earth?
7. How did the Great Turtle get marks on his shell?
When Grizzlies Walked Upright
1. The Modoc lived in what is now
2. How were birds created?
3. “He made a big fire in the center of the mountain and a hole in the top so that the smoke
and sparks could fly out. When he put a big log on the fire, sparks would fly up and the
earth would tremble.” What natural phenomenon is explained here?
The Navajo Origin Legend
1. Where do many Navajo live today?