Freakonomics - AP-Macro-DHS

Mr. Stoudt
Response Journal
Chapter 2 – “How Is the Ku Klux Klan Like a
Group of Real-Estate Agents?”
 Your response journal should be set up in the following
o Title of the Chapter at the top of the first page along
with Chapter Number
o Write out words and definitions.
o Each question written out and then answered in
numerical order. All responses need to be in complete
sentences. Each question may require a different
length for its respective response.
 Give the definition of the following words based on their
context in the sentences from Freakonomics Chapter 2.
(15 points)
1. staunchest (pg 49)
2. bigotry (pg 52)
3. pseudonym (pg 52)
4. obstructionism (pg 52)
5. docility (pg 55)
6. beacon (pg 60)
7. cudgel (pg 60)
8. asymmetry (pg 61)
9. price gouging (pg 63)
10. confounding (pg 65)
11. ambiguous (pg 68)
12. disparaging (pg 70)
13. commensurate (pg 72)
14. narcissist (pg 75)
15. gleaning (pg 75)
Chapter 2 – “How Is the Ku Klux Klan Like a
Group of Real-Estate Agents?”
1. How did the exposure of the Ku Klux Klan’s secrets
significantly diminish the Klan’s presence and influence
in society? Explain why the KKK was feared and then
what caused their fear to decrease or go away. (10
2. Briefly evaluate the following statement indicating
whether you agree or disagree with the statement and
why. “How a seller (or real estate agent) describes a
house that is on the market is unimportant. Once the
prospective buyer sees the house, they will make up their
minds, regardless of what was written or said.” (10
3. What does the exposure of secret or hard to find
information do to the institution that had maintained
that informational advantage? Give and explain an
example presented in the book. Do not use the KKK as
an example. (10 points)
4. Short of outright lying, how can an ordinary person
abuse information? Explain with 3 specific examples
from Levitt’s on-line dating scenario. (10 points)
5. Select one or more of the main topics discussed in the
Chapter and write a one-page reflection about them. I
DO NOT want a summary; I want you to express your
opinion and views. Do you agree with Levitt’s reasoning?
If so why, if not, why not? Explain yourself. (10 points)