CFA Literary Element..

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Match the following terms with the correct definition:
______1. The point the author is trying to get across to the reader. It can be
applied to real life due to its universality.
______2. The physical description in the story
A. mood
______3. When something is said contrary to what was expected
C. plot
______4. the highest point of tension in the story
D. symbolism
______5. the feeling or emotional impact of the story
E. verbal irony
______6. the attitude taken by the author toward the subject of the work
F. conflict
______7. the problem of the story
G. setting
______8. a character who remains the same throughout the story
H. satire
______9. the action or series of events in the story
I. tone
_____10. the introduction of the characters, setting, conflict
J. foreshadowing
_____11. the development of a character’s personality
K. climax
_____12. the central character in the story
L. inference
_____13. the contrast between what happens and what one expects to happen
M. static character
_____14. the use of a physical object to represent a concept or idea
N. theme
_____15. clues which lead the reader to presume the ending of the story
O. situational irony
_____16. a person or force that opposes the main character
P. protagonist
_____17. ridiculing man and his faults
Q. exposition
_____18. the eyes through which the story is being told
R. characterization
_____19. something implied by the author but not directly stated
S. dynamic character
_____20. a character which changes during the story due to some
discovery he or she makes
T. antagonist
B. point of view