Hometask 26 Упр. 287. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в

Hometask 26
Упр. 287. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в требующемся времени.
Не забываем правило Согласование времен!!!
1. Не said he (to leave) tomorrow morning.
2. She says she already (to find) the book.
3. He stopped and listened: the clock (to strike) five.
4. She said she (can) not tell me the right time, her watch (to be) wrong.
5. I asked my neighbour if he ever (to travel) by air before.
6. The policeman asked George where he (to run) so early.
7. The delegates were told that the guide just (to go) out and (to be) back in ten minutes.
8. I knew they (to wait) for me at the metro station and I decided to hurry.
9. I didn't know that you already (to wind) up the clock.
10. I was afraid that the little girl (not to be) able to unlock the front door and (to go) upstairs to help her.
11. He says that he (to know) the laws of the country.
12. Sarie understood why Lanny (not to come) the previous evening.
13. She asked me whether I (to remember) the legend about a faithful lion.
14. He understood that the soldiers (to arrest) him.
15. He could not understand why people (not to want) to take water from that well.
16. I suppose they (to send) a dog after the burglar immediately.
Hometask 27
Read the text below about cultural change in companies. Choose the best word to fill each gap from A, B, C
or D below.
American President J.F. Kennedy and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill were both ‘nappers’. They had short
sleeps – ‘naps’ – during the day to help them work (0) __ . It might be just what you need to wake up your company
and improve your (1) ____.
Do energy levels drop in the afternoon? Do your (2) ____ seem a bit slow and sleepy after lunch? In Spain the
traditional siesta is making a comeback in good companies who want their workers to work smarter, not (3) ____.
These companies are realizing that their (4) ____ work better with a rest in the afternoon. They are more productive,
make fewer mistakes and are happier. It’s not a case of decreasing their (5) ____ – they do even more work.
In California’s Silicon Valley, hi-tech companies provide chill-out rooms for employees to relax in, along with pool
tables and gyms. Even family pets, such as dogs, are allowed to go to work (6) ____ their owners. A New Zealand
company achieved change in the whole company by encouraging staff in one (7) ____ to go home when they had
done all the assignments they could do that day, without any loss of pay.
Other employers want their employees to take responsibility (8) ____ their own success by letting them set their
personal work (9) ____. Like all these ideas, this only works when everyone in the company (10) ____ believes in
the changes. Even the best intentions of written (11) ____ can mean nothing if one person does not follow them.
Everyone from the (12)____ on down should (13) ____ the new rules and follow them themselves.
But perhaps the most important thing to remember is to have a good life-work (14) ____. Go home at five, on time,
and enjoy the rest of your life. Take control. Life’s too short to let anyone else (15) ____ it for you.
A. better
A. attitudes
A. employers
A. hard
A. company
A. workforce
A. by
B. best
B. profitability
B. employed
B. harder
B. managers
B. workspace
B. with
C. good
C. working
C. employ
C. hardest
C. staff
C. working
C. for
D. worse
D. shareholders
D. employees
D. well
D. interns
D. workload
D. together
A. company
A. in
A. ideas
A. corporation
A. guidelines
A. project leader
A. write
A. situation
A. set
B. organization
B. with
B. objectives
B. structure
B. rule
B. director
B. ensure
B. routine
B. run
C. unit
C. to
C. criteria
C. subsidiary
C. complaints
C. manager
C. focus
C. balance
C. rule
D. place
D. for
D. jobs
D. department
D. instructions
D. supervisor
D. enforce
D. plan
D. decide
Hometask 28
29 Use the given word in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the
same line.
Although the 1)……….. … of people say that they
work, ‘for the money’, the 2)………. reward isn’t
actually the only thing that they think about.
3) ………. , research has shown that people consider
many different factors to be of 4) ………. when
they make their 5) ………. . A worldwide survey of
students showed that after 6) ………. they would
be looking for jobs that allowed them to balance their
7) ………. lives with their work lives.
It’s not just the younger generation who think like
this either. There has even been an increase in
the number of middle-aged 8) ………. who are moving
away from highly-paid executive positions into less
9) ………. jobs. They are looking for something
which is more 10) ………. and gives them more leisure
time. All this has meant that 11) ………. are
realizing that they need to do more than just offer good
wages if they are going to keep their workers happy
and motivated.
boarding card/pass
duty free shop
passport control
check-in desk
hand luggage
departure lounge
information desk
Hometask 29
Complete the text with the best form of the verbs in brackets.
John Coady (1) _______ (take) his employers to court because his boss (2) _______ (check) on
his computer use. Coady (3) _______ (find) out that his supervisor (4) _______ (put) a keylogging program on his computer to record what Coady (5) _______ (do). He asked his
supervisor what he (6) _______ (do) and his supervisor (7) _______ (threat) to sack him because
he (8) _______ (use) the Internet ‘all the time’ and (9) _______ (send) many emails. Coady (10)
_______ (lose) the case.