Formal Regions

Formal Regions
1. Region characterized by a common human property (culture)
and physical property
2. Characteristics
a. Shared language, nationality, political identity (political
beliefs and institutions [democracy, communism, etc.])
b. Shared cimate, landforms, vegetation
c. Economic systems
3. Examples:
a. USA!, United Kingdom, “Wheat Belt” of Kansas,
citrus-gorwing areas of South Texas, TEXAS!!!! 
Functional Regions
 A region organized around a focal point (metro area) and
linked to surrounding areas
 Characteristics:
a. Transportation systems (trains, railroads, bus)
b. Communication systems (radio stations, TV stations,
area code, newspapers)
c. Economic Activities (manufacturing, shopping centers
 Examples
a. New York City
b. Los Angeles
c. Houston/ Galveston
i. Common highways (59, 45, 10, 6, 288, 8, 610)
ii. 95.7, 97.9, 99.5, 104 KRBE
iii. Galleria
iv. Houston Chronicle
Perceptual Region
1. Region based on peoples’ feelings and ideas about a
2. Characteristics
a. Stereotypes we create
b. “mental maps”
3. Examples:
a. “southern California”
b. “upper Midwest”
c. “Dixie”
d. “The Northeast”
i. Provocative, heavy Jersey
accents, pilgrims, huge egos,
e. “The South”
i. Cowboys, desert, always hot,
extremely religious, heavy
accents, ride horses to school,